Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Update - Homemade Chocolate Cake

Update: After sending photos to my sister-in-law Megan of the homemade chocolate cake we made to celebrate National Chocolate Cake Day, she requested a slice. I've had a few people ask if I actually sent the homemade Chocolate cake in the mail to her. 

I'm happy to say that the cake arrived in Colorado, over 1800 miles away, safe and sound! 

And not too much worse for the wear. 

But how did it taste? 


Everyone had a piece, though Megan was trying to shoo them away. This package was addressed specifically to her. 

Should have waited for Avery to go to bed so she wouldn't have to share. 

At least it's getting a thumbs up. She likes it too. 

Good to the last bite!

It might have started as a joke, it was well received. Glad you enjoyed the cake!

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  1. I thought the "cake slice in the envelope" was just a joke photo...little did I know you were serious!!, you actually sent it and it stayed intact! More importantly, it was still moist and as delicious as Megan expected, and equally enjoyed by the rest of the family. Amazing piece of mail!!! EOM