Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Spark Raspberry Lemonade Mountain Dew taste test and comparison

Today we're going to be tasting a new version of Mountain Dew called Spark! Spark is a combination of Raspberries and Lemonade along with Mountain Dew. And I've got my brother here trying it with me!

And to go along with it, the best lemonade you can get from the store, I think, is Simply Lemonade. It's made from water, cane sugar, lemon juice, raspberry puree, and other natural flavors. Maybe not as good as Chick-Fil-A lemonade, but CFA doesn't have raspberry lemonade. 

The label shows a Hot Rod car, peeling out with smoke and flames behind it. The car grill has teeth and it chewing on a raspberry. There's lemons and raspberries scattered around the label too. 

First, we're going to try the Simply Lemonade Raspberry. 

It's a tasty lemonade, but she wishes it was strawberry lemonade. 
Avery is happy it's not bubbly. 
Patrick thinks it's a tasty light lemonade. 

Next it's time to taste the Mountain Dew Spark. 

Ian doesn't like it at all. After taking a little sip, he passed his cup back to me to pour out. 
Theresa - I don't like any sparkling lemonades. <tastes it> That tastes awful. That's like the raspberry effervescent drink when you're sick. 
Megan - I don't think I dislike it. Maybe after a palate cleanser. 
Patrick - It's okay. Not in my top 5 favorite flavors. 
Joe - What are your top 5 favorite Mountain Dew flavors? 
Patrick - Pitch Black (grape), Baja Blast (tropical lime), Original (citrus), Voltage (blue raspberry), and LiveWire (orange). 

This is the last of three different flavors of Mountain Dew that we're trying together. Thanks for joining us on this taste test Megan and Patrick!

Overall thoughts? 
Theresa - The Orange flavored LiveWire was the best of the three, but regular oranges are better. Now I'm going to eat some vegetables to cleanse my palate. 
Ian - My favorite was the Thrashed Apple because it tasted like green Skittles. 
Alli - My favorite was the LiveWire because the other ones just didn't seem right. 
Megan - My favorite was the lemonade, but I didn't love it. 
Patrick - LiveWire for me too. 
Theresa - LiveWire was tolerable. The rest were intolerable. 
Joe - LiveWire for me too. I didn't love these. 

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  1. No thumbs up for the Mtn Dew Spark...but the label was super colorful with a "mean-chewing car" that thrives on raspberries! (liked how the "full" label was displayed by using 2 bottles and rotating the 2nd one to complete the 360 view). The Simply Lemonade sounded okay, but not quite like a homemade one! Patrick had fun taste-testing the 3 Mtn Dew flavors; and one of them, LiveWire, is now part of his top 5!! EOM