Thursday, February 10, 2022

LiveWire Orange Mountain Dew taste test and comparison

It's time for a Mountain Dew taste test! This time, we've got Mountain Dew LiveWire! And fortunately, I have my brother visiting! He's a big Dew lover too!

Supposably LiveWire is a permanent flavor in the United States, but haven't seen it until just a few weeks ago. I knew it had a very wide release years ago (2003-2005) but since then, it's been very difficult to find. 
Mountain Dew LiveWire is "Dew sparked with Artificial Orange Flavor". That means we've got to taste it alongside oranges. Theresa suggested we should have tasted it against artificial oranges, like SunnyD. Real oranges will have to do. 

The kids are eager to get started. 

No one has brushed their teeth recently, right? Good! Let's get started!

First up are the oranges. Despite being in Florida, these are California grown Halo oranges. I love Halo oranges. They're so easy to peel and always delicious. Mountain Dew LiveWire is going to have a hard time beating these. 

Next it was time to try the Mountain Dew LiveWire. I poured everyone a small cup to taste. 

What's the verdict? 

Whew! Well they got the artificial part right. 
The kids seemed to like it though. 
Ian - That's actually better than I thought!
Megan - It reminds me of going to McDonald's as a child. That soda is what this tastes like. 
Avery - It's too bubbly. 

The adults, maybe not so much. 

I was waiting for my brother and sister-in-law to get here for this taste test. This is the first of three Mountain Dew taste tests we'll be doing while they're here. 

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  1. Those mandarin oranges definitely taste different from valencia or navel oranges...their sweetness and easy-to-peel characteristics as you mentioned are big pluses :-) Looks like the LiveWire Orange Mtn Dew didn't quite hit the mark except for Ian (and lukewarm responses for Alli & Avery). EOM