Thursday, February 17, 2022

Breakstones Cottage Cheese Doubles taste test comparison

As we were out shopping, Theresa saw that she got a coupon for the Breakstone's Cottage Doubles Cottage Cheese. She's not a big fan, but I like cottage cheese. And my brother who is out visiting likes cottage cheese too. Since there's so many different flavors, I'm feeling like a taste test is in order. 

On the shelf were 7 different flavors of Breakstone's Cottage Doubles. Pineapple, Blueberry, Peach, Black Cherry, Raspberry, Strawberry, and Mango. 

Each of the Cottage Doubles uses a split cup. One side is filled with cottage cheese, while the other has a jellied mixture of that particular fruit flavor. The lids with the red labels are regular cottage cheese curds, while the lids that are other colors have small curd cottage cheese. 

Breakstone's was founded in 1882 in Walton New York by Lithuanian immigrants Joseph and Isaac Breakstone. The Breakstone Brothers sold their business to Kraft in 1928. 

After sitting for a while, cottage cheese needs to be stirred together a little bit. 

I worked to get the setup shots for the photos above. 

Let's give these a taste! We split each cup into two bowls, since two different families would be participating. 

Ian - Do I have to do this one? I don't like cottage cheese. 
Joe - Why don't you like it? The flavor or the texture? 
Ian - Both. 
I guess that's fair. I'll let you pass on this one today. 

Theresa - Ugh. 
Patrick - Thumbs down from me. The texture was a little off on the cottage cheese. 
Joe - The blueberry tastes weird. It's not the artificial blueberry flavor, or the fresh blueberry flavor. 

Alli - I like it. 

Megan! Are you just trying the fruit sauce?!?
Megan - That one I did. I already know what cottage cheese tastes like. 

Theresa - That one is good. 
Joe - It's sweeter. 
Megan - Way better than blueberry. 

Theresa - Peach is not bad. 
Alli - It's so good!
Megan - Peach is good. 
Joe - Peach has chucks in it. I was expecting more puree. It's good!

Theresa - It's like a puree. It's not my favorite. 
No wonder Alli likes it. She gets a 3:1 ratio of fruit to cottage cheese. 
Joe - It's just okay. 

Black Cherry
Joe - I do like Black Cherry. It has a Starburst taste.
Theresa - Nope. Nope. 
Patrick - Yum!

Joe - I don't love Mangos. 
Theresa - That's different. I like it. 

Joe - I hope this is good! I usually like Pineapple. This has chunks in it too. 
Patrick - It's alright. 
Joe - I don't like it as much as I was hoping. I'm not sure why. Maybe not a strong pineapple flavor and just sweet. 

What are everyone's favorites? 
Patrick - Peach, Strawberry, Mango (pineapple was not in his top three even though he thought it would be before the taste test)
Joe - Strawberry, Black Cherry, Peach (cause it was different)
Alli - Black Cherry, Peach, Blueberry
Theresa - Strawberry, Peach, Mango
Megan - I hate all the cottage cheese. The fruit sauces I like Strawberry, Raspberry, and Mango. 

Strawberry Breakstone's Cottage Cheese was the top flavor in our test, with three people voting it their favorite. Peach was in the top 3 for many as well. 

Other thoughts. 
Megan - Why is there no banana flavor?
Joe - Because no one would buy it. Gross. 
Megan - I don't like cottage cheese. I like the ones that are pureed. I don't want chunks to add to the cottage cheese chunks. I just want to eat the jam. 
Theresa - I'd rather have yogurt instead of all this cottage cheese. 
Megan - Amen. Any of these jams on Fage Greek Yogurt would be better. 

Joe and Patrick - Remember putting Kraft Catalina salad dressing on cottage cheese? It was so good!

Megan - Doesn't cottage cheese just look like baby spit-up? 

And with that observation, we'll end our cottage cheese taste test! Hope you enjoyed it! 

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  1. I like cottage cheese just as much as Megan does :-) ...think Megan had a fairly good description of how it looks :-) . Kraft Catalina salad dressing on cottage cheese?...yikes! (but that was my Dad's favorite dressing on green salads!) Ian & Alli gave looks that perfectly described their excitement level prior to the test! At least this taste test brought back fond memories for you & Patrick on your favorite cottage cheese "topping" :-) EOM