Friday, February 18, 2022

A Visit to Disney Springs with Megan, Patrick, and Avery - 2022/01/21

It's our last day with our visitors, Patrick, Megan, and Avery. We've had a lot of fun while they were here, visiting Epcot, the Magic Kingdom, and doing all kinds of taste tests. 

The weather has been perfect for the days they've been here too! Sunny and warm for our days at the parks, and when we went to the pool. Today though, all that warm weather is about to change. Overnight it has started raining and the temperature has dropped. 

Our plans are just to visit Disney Springs before our guests have to leave to go to the airport. This is a lot like Avery's very first visit to Disneyland back in 2019. It was a rainy Thanksgiving Day, and we road on rides with standing water up to our ankles! I figured we should try to recreate the photo we took that day too. 

Breakfast foods? Who wants that? Let's enjoy homemade chicken nuggets and mac and cheese for brunch!

The "fireplace" is a great place to hang out right now on this chilly day. 

Avery made an "I Love You" card for Ian and Alli. They had a fun time playing together during this trip. 

It's rainy, but we're bundled up. 

Trying to stay dry. Luckily the rain is keeping the crowds away. 

The World of Coke store has a lot of things for fans of that brand. I wish they sold bottles of the sodas from around the world. I know the Soda Bar upstairs serves them as fountain drinks, but this is something I'd like to bring home and share with others. 

The candy store and the Christmas store were high on the list. Pat and Megan have a great tradition of picking up an ornament for their Christmas tree from memorable vacations. That way, when they look at their tree, it's filled with memories of fun times. 

At the Once Upon a Toy store, my brother found a fun puzzle. I've never seen a double-sided one before. That's going to be fun to put together. 

I think we could all use something warm. A bag of pretzel bites would be perfect. We're not the only one with that idea, and the couple in front of us took the last two bags! The cashier asked if we wanted to wait 10 minutes for fresh ones. That sounds great! 

And we're talking super fresh. The worker was cutting strips of dough into bits and putting them on a sheet tray. Into the oven they go!

Patrick bought Megan a hot coffee while we waited. 

Bake faster!

A short time later, those same bits came out of the oven and got bagged up. 

It's chilly today and when we got them, the bag had steam coming out of it. 

These are going to be good. 

Everyone couldn't wait to get their hands on them. 

Too hot to hold almost. They were really really good. 
I've made pretzels at home before. Pretzel bites seem even easier! I'll have to try these sooner than later. 

Aww. Sadly it's time for them to head to the airport to go back home. 

Goodbye Avery!

It's been a lot of fun! Looking forward to when we'll be able to be together again!

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  1. One last warm hug between Alli, Avery, & Ian...sad and painful to say good-bye after such a wonderful time together playing, swimming, and visiting WDW...hopefully, they'll be able to see each other soon. Very touching "I love you" card from Avery to Ian & Alli...sending her love in a tangible way so Alli & Ian can think back to that special time together. Like Patrick's tradition of getting a Christmas ornament from a memorable vacation spot; and then reminiscing fondly when it's hung on the tree. Hey, that double-sided puzzle looks neat...shows a "young" scene on one side, and then a "golden years" scene on the back in a similar pose...great idea. Speaking of ideas, like that "recreated" pose of 2019 for the 2022 visit (I remember reading about that VERY wet trip to Disneyland in 2019...hard to enjoy with wet feet and wet clothes!) What a WONDERFUL visit with Patrick, Megan, & Avery in your Florida home. P.S. Just like "a watched pot never boils", "a watched baking pretzel bit doesn't bake faster" :-) ...those pretzel bits sound yummy...time to make some in the RV! EOM