Friday, February 25, 2022

Aunt Rita comes to visit us in Florida

We love it when we get visitors! We just had Uncle Patrick, Aunt Megan, and Avery come. Then Uncle Jacob. Now Aunt Rita is here!

Before she arrived, we decided to stop in at Epcot to pick up something special. Spaceship Earth is on our list of rides we want to make sure we go on a lot before we hit the road again. 

Tonight though the ride seems to be having a few problems. The ride had quite a few stops where we'd sit for a couple minutes. 

The worst was a 15 minute stop here in the burning library of Alexandria. The fiery/smoky smell was continuous and unfortunately there just wasn't all that much to look at while we sat here. After a while, we started looking at our phones to see what the best rides to go on next would be. 

Another ride like Test Track! The kids decided to combine forces and design their car together, while Theresa and I made our own car too. 

Test Track is a favorite! 

I'm trying to remember a visit to Epcot when we haven't stopped at Club Cool. I can't think of one. 

The flavors are good, especially the Bon Bon Anglais, but I miss the old flavors. 

Walking back to the truck to end our night, the kids have a favorite new game they like to play with the railings by the tram loading. 

After Epcot, everyone jumped in the truck and headed for the airport. It's Aunt Rita! Hooray!

And here's the special treat we went all the way to Epcot to pick up. Aunt Rita loves caramel apples. This one is from Germany's Karamell-K├╝che bakery. It uses delicious Werther's Original caramel. 

And lucky for us, Aunt Rita doesn't mind sharing! 

It's pretty sweet that she can be out here visiting us in Florida with our 80F days and sunshine. Her school back home is currently closed for snow! 

It's a beautiful day. Let's go swimming! 

Rita - Which way to the pool Alli? 
Alli - Left.
Theresa - Let's turn right.
Alli - That was my next guess. 

The pool here at Sherwood Forest is a little small, but it works. The kids have made friends with other kids and would spend hours here playing. 

Can you believe Rita hasn't seen Encanto yet? We made sure to remedy that. Actually twice in the 4 days that she was here! 

Ian always watches through the credits to see his Uncle Ruston.

How about another pool day? When the weather is this beautiful, why not? 

While they were off swimming, I got dinner going. Greek Gyros! That's 2 cloves of garlic, right? I think so. 

My plate. Lots of meat, onions, and rice. 

Theresa's plate looks a little bit different. She loves all the veggies on her gyro. 

The days were full of fun, and the nights were for movies. Encanto and Sing are some of our favorites. We like the ones with good songs in them. 

We also spent a day going to Disney World together, but that'll be a story for another post. 
All too soon it was time for her to go back to Michigan. 

It's been fun hanging out! Hopefully we can do it again soon!

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  1. Four wonderful days that flew right on by...beautiful sunny weather to relax in and play in! Wonderful that Aunt Rita was able to visit and share some time with the family (glad her stay was met with great weather!) That caramel apple looked delicious...what a nice surprise treat for Aunt Rita! Alli has strong legs and a strong back to do all those railings! Ian appreciates the importance of those movie credits, especially when Uncle Ruston is listed :-) EOM