Wednesday, February 9, 2022

A Visit to Epcot with Megan, Patrick, and Avery - Pt2 - 2022/01/19

We spent our morning going around Epcot eating food! Now let's spend the rest of the day checking out all the different rides!

This is supposed to be a non-busy week, but there were still a few lines on the big rides. You know what doesn't usually have that many lines? The Land! 

I remember coming during Spring Break and Soarin is 60+ minutes. Today though, we boarded after just 15 minutes! I'll take that any time! We loaded onto the front row on the very edge, so everything had a bit of a skewed shape to it. The Eiffel tower especially looked a bit wonky. 
Half the time I was watching Avery, to see her reaction to all the jump-scares that happen. She pulled her legs up pretty quick when the Killer Whale jumped out of the water. 

And if we are visiting The Land pavilion, you know we have to check out Living With The Land. The first part of the ride is okay. It could use some updating. The real treat is the greenhouse at the end. That one is always changing! 

Over in the Imagination pavilion, we let our imagination run wild with Figment. 

Alli is giving Avery a very hand-on experience of how to make Figment move up and down. 

And got to design our own Figment. 

What else is there to do here? Let's go check out Nemo!

Let's go over to The Seas pavilion. I remember dining in the restaurant here when I visited here when I was little. 

Everyone loaded into a clamshell and went under the sea to search for him. 

Over at the aquarium, we found Blue Tangs (Dory), Clownfish (Nemo and Marlin), but the really cool thing we found were the seahorses! Just floating around the tank, using their tails to grasp sea grass.  

What next? Spaceship Earth!

There's an odd rule that you can't have three in one row unless you have the third person on your lap. There's plenty of space for 3 to sit, but for some reason they push you to only have 2. 

The seven of us all rode my kids' favorite ride anywhere at The World. Test Track. Avery enjoyed designing her own car. 

With seven, we can fill up an entire car, plus one more. I rode alone in another. 

After the ride, there is a large area where kids can play a little more. They can scan the car they designed and then race them around a track. We usually walk right by here, in favor of going on other rides. One of these times we'll have to explore it more. 

Next it's time for one of the most intense rides at the park. Mission Space can get pretty crazy!

There are two different versions of the ride. Everyone rode the less intense version. Theresa and Megan decided to bow out afterwards. 

But surprisingly, Avery really enjoyed it! The three kids, Patrick, and I hopped back in line to go on the more intense version! 

A pod only seats 4, so Patrick rode with all of them, while I got a pod all to myself. 

I think we all deserve a little bit of soda after that. We were all wondering if any of these have caffeine in them. 

Theresa has told me that I don't need to ask what is next after Club Cool. The answer is always Popcorn. 

There's no rule that you can't have dessert before dinner, right? Back in the summer of 2019, Theresa, Megan, Patrick, and I were in Paris, eating crepes at a local park. When we saw the creperie near Remy, we knew we'd have to eat there together. 

The ambiance wasn't quite the same as the Paris park, but they were still quite enjoyable. 

Now it's time for the real dinner. Hot Dogs, chips, popcorn, and lots of fruit and veggies. 

Mmm. A triple hot dog. 

We weren't too sure how much longer the kids would last. We made our way to the front of the park. It looks like Soarin is a very short wait! Everyone was feeling good, so how about another ride on that? 

This time we got the back row. 
Avery said "Oh no! Now we won't be able to see the screen!"

Because everyone was still doing good, at 8:30pm (30 minutes before closing), we decided to try to ride Frozen. I think it was still showing a 45 minute wait at this point. 

But we all know that Disney fibs a little when it comes to wait times. Less than 15 minutes later, we were on our boat and exploring Arendelle. 

Which means that we finished our ride in time to see the 9pm fireworks! 

Being away from the railing, we had a lot of space to ourselves. It gave the kids a chance to get those last bits of wiggle energy out. 

We enjoy the Harmonious soundtrack. It even has music from Hercules in it!

It's been a fun day hanging out at Epcot!

Time to head home and rest up! Tomorrow we tackle the Magic Kingdom!

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  1. Such a full, fun day at Epcot...the kids had a lot of energy, right up to the fireworks ending! Avery surprised me by going on the Mission Space Orange intense, but she did it! Those crepes certainly looked tasty; have never seen a triple hot dog first for me. Wonderful opening/closing photo of the entire group...will bring back fond memories of Epcot. After such a busy day I wonder how the energy level will be at the Magic Kingdom...will find out soon :-) EOM