Monday, February 21, 2022

Pizza at Home - Breakfast Pizza on a thin crust

Happy Sunday! Time to eat some pizza! Today we're mixing it up a little bit and having breakfast for dinner! Tonight we're making a breakfast pizza! And because the family wants it, tonight's pizza will be make on a thin crust. 

Tonight instead of a red sauce, white sauce, or pesto base, this pizza is going to have a scrambled egg base. I'm using a recipe for soft and fluffy scrambled eggs that I've never tried before. It actually starts with a b├ęchamel with a full stick of butter, a quarter cup of flour, and a cup of milk. 

The entire stick of butter melts in the pan. 

Then flour is whisked into the hot butter. 

Finally the milk is added and it all comes together in a thick sauce. It has the consistency of pudding. 

And for the egg part of our scrambled eggs, we're lucky enough to be using fresh eggs from free range chickens. And these aren't the store-bought free range eggs where the chickens have the "option" to go outside, but rarely do. These chickens are outside basically all day. How do we know? 

Because these eggs came from our friend Henry and his chickens! We met Henry a few months back while we were riding the Van Fleet bike trail. He invited us to see all of his animals. He's got a flock of chickens that wander all over his property, including on the bike trail. He regularly collects their eggs, and this past week he gifted us with a dozen of them! 

Can you tell which egg is free range with deep orange yolk and which is a regular store bought egg? 

The scrambled eggs and b├ęchamel mix together and cook a little further. I added a little bit of salt and pepper for flavor. 

The resulting scrambled eggs were very soft and rich. The flavor almost reminded me of buttered grits. This is a good start for the breakfast pizza but we're going to need a few more things. 

Like crunchy diced potatoes. 

These were lightly fried in a little oil until they were golden brown and delicious. I had to remind the family that these were the only potatoes I had and there weren't all that many for the pizza. Don't go sneaking any! 

I also need a little bit of meat to go on this pizza. Some bacon and sausage will be perfect. 

I flattened my homemade thin crust pizza dough and then baked it for just a minute. 

I layered my scrambled eggs all over the bottom. 

Then topped it with mozzarella, bacon, sausage, and potatoes. 

Finally I give it a good bit of sharp cheddar cheese on top and throw it into the pizza oven. 

Ten minutes later, it's looking fantastic! Everything is melted and crispy!

My plate tonight. My breakfast pizza along with a pizza with my new favorite toppings. I added a dash of hot sauce to the breakfast pizza, and basil and balsamic to the other. Both are great additions. 

The kids enjoyed their pepperoni and sausage pizzas. More-so because it's thin crust. I've started making them a third pizza so they can enjoy leftovers for lunches all week. 

The breakfast pizza was tasty, but it didn't blow me away. I talked it over with Theresa about what we'd do different next time. First off, it needed more flavor. The eggs and potatoes are fine, but have dull flavors. Nothing stands out. Theresa suggested punching it up with a little bit of onion and maybe garlic if there's a next time to making this pizza. Well, we'll see what happens new next week!


  1. Even though it didn't "blow you away", the breakfast pizza still looks tasty to me (as a random thought, how about some spicy seasoning to the potatoes and sausage to "perk it up"?). That was a unique scrambled egg base idea...baked and held up well on the thin crust. Will look forward to another new pizza creation next week :-) EOM

    1. If we make it again, I'll have to keep that in mind. It could definitely use a few more spices.