Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Reese's Cups with Potato Chips taste test

A new flavor of Reese's? Oh interesting. Potato Chips inside a Reese's cup. I remember trying Chocolate Covered Wavy Lays potato chips and thinking they were delicious! I hope these can be just as good. 

I'll often get people sending me recommendations of new things that are coming out. Not sure I always want the "Ewww" association with things we are tasting, but hopefully these are better than that. 

We could have just tasted the Reese's Big Cups with Potato Chips by themselves, but let's turn this into a comparison too! I picked up a plain Reese's Big Cup along with a bag of potato chips to eat along with them. 

I wasn't looking close enough at the package of Reese's Potato Chips. That's a Ruffles chip on top, versus this flat Lay's chip. Oh well. I've already told the kids we're doing it, so there's no chance to run out and grab the right one to match. 
Also for some reason the Potato Chip Reese's Cup and the peanut butter inside has started falling apart. It's been stored in the same cabinet at the regular Big Cup, so I don't think it's a temperature issue. 

I was curious how they're going to get many potato chips into the peanut butter. These are going to be potato chip crumbs. 

Ian said he wasn't so sure about this one. 

It does look to be a bit of a mess, doesn't it. After trying it, it was a bit odd. There's an interesting texture to it. Like the potato chip is starting to get soggy, but still has a tiny bit of crunch to it. Alli said it was saltier than a regular Reese's and I agree. The flavor isn't bad, but the texture isn't great. 

Let's try this again, but with our homemade version. I cut our Reese's Big Cup into pieces combined them with a few chips. 

What do you think? 

Yes, these homemade ones are better. The chips have the proper crunch to them and the Reese's cup is as good as ever. 

So the Reese's Big Cups with Potato Chips might be a little Eww, especially on the texture side, but if you want to eat your Reese's with chips, I wouldn't say anything. 


  1. Ian doesn't look convinced that eating the Potato Chip with the regular Reese's Cup is going to be any better than when the chips are mashed inside the cup :-) What an interesting new combination for a Reese's Cup...too bad the texture wasn't very appetizing. Wonder what new creation Reese's will dream up next! EOM

  2. it was good just saltier