Sunday, March 6, 2022

Strawberry and Dark Chocolate KitKat Duos taste test comparison

This is the week to celebrate all things Strawberry! We're in Florida right now and the Florida Strawberry Festival is in full swing in Plant City. We're going to have lots of different strawberry treats coming up over the next few days!

Theresa sent me a text saying she found a new flavor of KitKat at our local Walgreens. Strawberry and Dark Chocolate! Should she buy it? Yes! 

And I have a pretty good idea of what we can compare against it. Why not some dark chocolate covered strawberries! That's going to be so delicious!

It starts with melting dark chocolate chips over a double boiler. 

Then Theresa and I got to work dipping the strawberries in the melted chocolate. 

We picked these berries ourselves earlier today from the Southern Hill Strawberry Patch. Since we picked them ourselves, I made sure to get a few with extra long stems that would look even better in our photos today. 

Can't let any of that melted chocolate go to waste. 

Let's dig in! Starting with the Strawberry and Dark Chocolate KitKat. Taking a sniff of the bar, it smells like a tasty strawberry. Think more Japanese strawberry flavor instead of Nestle Quik strawberry flavor. 

These Duos KitKat bars appropriately have two layers. There's the bottom dark chocolate layer, and a strawberry top layer. The package says there's a strawberry creme between the wafers too. 
This was a really tasty KitKat! The Dark Chocolate bottom layer was not sweet, so it was complemented by the sweet strawberry flavor of the top layer. This is one worth trying!

Now let's try the dark chocolate covered strawberries. 

I suppose I should have put them in the fridge for the chocolate to set. I had to use just a little bit of oil when I melted it to help it get smooth enough for dipping strawberries into.

Ian's got himself a little chocolate on his chin. 

Alli loves the chocolate covered strawberries. 

And even though they're a little messy, Aunt Rita loves them too. 

Thanks Theresa for finding the KitKat and making the chocolate covered strawberries today!

Can't leave any of that delicious chocolate behind!

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  1. Rita looked happy trying her Strawberry & Dark Chocolate KitKat...big smile on her face :-) At first I thought Ian didn't care for the chocolate-dipped strawberry because of his expression...but I guess he was just saying, "I've got chocolate all over me!". Those chocolate-dipped strawberries looked yummy, along with the KitKat! EOM