Thursday, March 3, 2022

Wendy's Strawberry Frosty and Chocolate and Vanilla Frosty taste test

Wendy's makes a Strawberry Frosty? 

I was scrolling through Facebook when I got an ad that popped up. I know that Wendy's has Chocolate Frostys. And Vanilla Frostys popped up a little while ago. But now there's something new! 
Plant City Florida is known as the Winter Strawberry Capital of the World. They host a yearly strawberry festival and this year, Wendy's is partnering with them by making a Strawberry Frosty, but only in a limited area.  

Since most stores originally had Chocolate and Vanilla Frostys, they were only set up for 2 flavors. The ones inside the "limited area" replaced their Vanilla Frosty with Strawberry. But I like to try all the things, and so I found one store that had Strawberry Frostys, then another that was 5 miles away that sold Chocolate and Vanilla. 

Success! Now we can try them all together!
The original Frosty was created back in 1969. Dave Thomas thought that a pure chocolate flavor would be too overwhelming, so the chocolate here is a "light chocolate" that is a combination of chocolate and vanilla. Chocolate was the only option available all the way up until 2006 when Vanilla was introduced. In 2021, Strawberry was released in one store in Ohio, but now in 2022 it's available in wider release in Florida!

We're pretty excited to be getting to try all these frozen desserts. 

Theresa you read my mind! A Neapolitan is perfect!

I've got to make the same thing. 
I'm not gonna lie. I was a little disappointed to see black spoons. The nostalgia in my head wishes they were that pale tan color spoon with "Wendy's" printed on the handle. 

Alli liked mixing the Strawberry and Vanilla together. 

And who doesn't like dipping hot and salty french fries into their cold milkshakes? 

So let's get down to it. How are the flavors? 
Strawberry - Perhaps going along with Dave's idea of not wanting to overwhelm your taste buds, the strawberry flavor here is not overpowering. It does taste like strawberries, but maybe there's some vanilla mixed in here too. Going to the Ingredients list shows that yes, the base is the Vanilla Frosty mixed with Strawberry Sauce, consisting of sugar and seedless strawberry puree. I like it. 

Chocolate - It's the classic chocolate Frosty that I remember from my childhood. It's a little too thick to sip through a straw to start. Best to go after it with a spoon. There's not a strong chocolate flavor to it. Not like there's too much Hershey syrup in it, or anything like that. The chocolate is there, but it's not in your face. I think it's got a light chocolate flavor similar to how a chocolate malt has a light chocolate flavor. 

Vanilla - After so many people requested it, Wendy's finally made it happen. Is there much that can be said about Vanilla? Well it doesn't have that old-fashioned flavor that some homemade ice creams, or Chick-Fil-A vanilla ice cream has. It's not eggy or anything like that. It's just a sweet, creamy, light vanilla flavored ice cream. 

Which flavor was the winner in our little test today? Turns out there's a tie for first place. 
Ian, Joe - Strawberry
Alli, Rita - Vanilla
Theresa - Chocolate

We'll have to get everyone's favorites in order to see where things really stand. 
Ian, Joe - Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla
Alli - Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate
Rita - Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry
Theresa - Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry

If we assign 3 points for 1st, 2 for 2nd, and 1 for 3rd, we see that 
Strawberry - 10 points
Vanilla - 10 points
Chocolate - 10 points


You know what. Just go get whatever flavor you think you'll enjoy best. They're all pretty tasty and you can't go wrong with any of them!


  1. Had to chuckle when each flavor garnered 10 pts each! other words, they're all winners! My favorites, in order, would match Theresa's...always was a chocolate person with vanilla second (sorry, strawberry!) In that one group photo of Rita, Theresa, Allie, & Ian, looks like Alli didn't hear the "smile" prompt and just couldn't wait for her yummy frosty taste :-) What a refreshing taste test on a sunny Florida day! EOM

  2. Just got my first and last strawberry frosty. It truly has that imitation strawberry syrup flavor. My brain was hoping for something similar to strawberry ice cream. Bummed with every bite. But, if you like fake syrup....
    This will definitely please you.