Saturday, March 5, 2022

Southern Hill Farms Bakery - Strawberry Treats Taste Test

It was a lot of fun picking strawberries at Southern Hill Farms earlier today, but there's something else I was looking forward to just as much. There's food trucks here that sell different strawberry treats too! Today we're going to be trying a lot of them!

Before you reach the strawberry fields, you cross by these two food trucks. One is the Southern Hill Eatery with cheesesteak subs, hot dogs, grilled cheese, and french fries, but that's not what we're after. Our destination is this converted Airstream which houses the Southern Hill Bakery. 

They have all sorts of Baked Sweets and Cold Tasty Treats. Since this trip is all about strawberries, we're focusing today on treats that include strawberries in them. 

Like this Strawberry Ice Cream Sundae ($4.50)

Strawberry Shortcake with whipped cream ($4)

A seasonal donut ice cream sandwich ($3.50)

And seasonal donuts ($1 each, no discounts for multiples)

Let's start with the Strawberry Sundae! It's cold vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce and whipped cream on top. Everyone who tried it thought it was delicious. 

Next up is the Strawberry Shortcake. We all thought it was tasty, but was lacking in the amount of strawberries that were on top. There was a whole lot of shortcake there, but two or three times the amount of strawberries would have been a lot better. 

The donut ice cream sandwich was hard frozen. I was glad it wasn't a soupy mess. That would have made it a lot more difficult to eat. 

These seasonal donuts are supposed to be strawberry flavored, but besides being pink, we didn't get much out of them. I thought the donut ice cream sandwich would have had two donuts around a slab of ice cream, but it was one donut sliced in half. 

Lastly are these seasonal donuts all by themselves. They were fresh and sugar coated. It reminded me a lot of the apple cider donuts we get whenever we go to the cider mill. 

So even though they weren't strawberry flavored, I still liked them. 

Alli thought so too. 

After all that, we have decided on our favorites. 
The winner of our taste test is Strawberry Ice Cream Sundae, with its tasty ice cream and lots of strawberries to go with it. 

Before we're done though, we've got one more thing to try. 

Freshly picked strawberries! Yum! These are going to be tasty in all the things we're going to make this week!


  1. Look at that plump, big, red strawberry Ian is starting to bite into...looks good! Sounds like the Strawberry Ice Cream Sundae best captured the strawberry treat idea...yum, yum. Surprised the seasonal donuts weren't strawberry flavored...I was expecting that automatically...oh well. Nevertheless, looks like all the treats were enjoyed to a certain degree EOM

    1. I think they were supposed to be strawberry flavored, but we had a hard time tasting it. Perhaps we were overwhelmed by all the other strawberry flavors.