Thursday, March 17, 2022

St Patrick's Day Ice Cream Celebration

Happy St. Patricks Day! Let's celebrate with special St Patrick's Day ice cream that Jacob brought over for dessert!

This is an Aldi Exclusive, made by their own label Sundae Shoppe. There's two different flavors for us to try today. Luck O' The Cookie Dough and Shamrockin' Swirl!

Theresa what are you doing? 
Theresa - I'm eating baby corn ahead of time so I'm not so hungry for ice cream. 

Ian - Four leaf clovers are hard. 
Knowing that we didn't have much green on our clothes, the kids helped out by making us green hats and decorations that we could use during our taste test. 

Let's scoop a bowl and get started!

The kids were excited! Ice cream is a favorite treat. 

First up is the Luck O' The Cookie Dough. This has Cookie Dough flavored ice cream, yellow fudge chips, and green star shaped sugar cookie dough. 

Tasting the ice cream, I'm not getting much cookie dough flavor from it. It's more like a vanilla ice cream, but that's okay too. I like the fudge chip pieces, and the sugar cookie stars have a good texture. I do like my cookie dough ice cream to have chocolate pieces, but this is good too. 

Next is the Shamrockin' Swirl, a Mint Ice Cream with yellow fudge chips and choco-cookie crumb swirl. 

This has a light minty flavor that isn't overpowering at all. Jacob and I really liked the cookie crumb swirl. I liked the crunchy chocolate bits in the creamy ice cream. 

It might just be our freezer, that doesn't get below 0F, but I felt like this ice cream was especially airy. Looking at the calories, 2/3rds of a cup has 250 and 210 calories. Compare that to Haagen Dazs (300 calories) or Ben & Jerry's (330 calories). This ice cream is not as dense as some of the more premium brands. But for $1.99 a pint, they are a bit cheaper than the premium brands too. 

Both of these ice creams were delicious. In the end, the votes were split pretty evenly with Ian, Theresa, and myself liking the minty Shamrockin' Swirl, and Alli and Jacob enjoying the Luck O' The Cookie Dough. 
Thank you Jacob for bringing them tonight!

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  1. Those two ice cream containers were so perfectly decorated for St. Patrick's Day. Alli & Ian started the celebration with their green, handcrafted hats and shamrock...good spirit, there! The green stars stood out against the vanilla ice cream color...perfect for the occasion. Especially like the chocolate cookie crumb swirl in the mint ice cream (reminds me of cookies n' creme, one of my favorites; and also like the mint flavor, too :-) ) Wonderful dessert celebration from Jacob on St. Patrick's Day! EOM