Monday, April 18, 2022

Happy Easter! Easter Treats and Pizza at Home

Happy Easter! We're on the road today, traveling in the RV. Despite that, we still made time to do a few fun activities. Theresa and the kids made adorable decorated strawberries. 

And then we also made egg shaped pizzas too!

Alli wanted to make sure we had Easter decorations for the RV. Without a lot of crafting materials on hand, we make use of what we do have. I found an idea for making these adorable bunnies out of rolled up paper towels and markers and showed Alli how to do them. 

She loved the idea and thought they were so cute. 

In the RV though we do have paper. Lots and lots of white paper. Her and Ian made colored eggs, then Alli made a large bunny and also a basket to keep them in. 

So good Alli!

They had a hard time going to sleep at night, wondering if the Easter Bunny would find them while we're on the road. Sure enough, when they awoke, these makeshift "baskets" had been left for them. 

Filled with an abundance of tasty treats. 


Alli was happy to get Hershey's candy coated eggs, while Ian loved his Cadbury mini eggs. 

And in the eggs they found, Ian was thrilled to get one with money. 

Theresa and the kids love making chocolate covered strawberries, especially when they can decorate them with cute designs. Theresa found some beautiful designs online, but the cost for delivered strawberries was excessive. $39.99 for 6 strawberries! Let's make them ourselves! Theresa bought lots of colors of candy melts for their project. 

She melted the candies and the kids helped dip the strawberries and let them cool on parchment. 

We went through lots of different colors. 

Ian helping dip strawberries too. 

Looking great!

Theresa did some of the finer work, making these strawberries look like Easter Eggs. 

The kids did drizzled colors over these chocolate covered berries. 

The toothpicks are coming out. Theresa is getting really precise on her designs now. 

Oh my Theresa, those are adorable. 

There's a whole plate of bunnies with carrots. 

And even more Easter Egg strawberries. 

Nice work all!

And they taste delicious too. 

Since we're staying with a Harvest Host family who is letting us stay on their land, we made a few extras to share. They were enjoyed by everyone, and they were impressed that the kids made them. 

Pizza seems super easy by comparison. Ian helped me make the dough. I rolled it out in the shape of an egg. 

Then the kids used toppings to give them decorations. 

Love it!

After coming out of the oven, they were perfect and ready to eat.
It's been a fun day of Easter activities! Happy Easter!

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  1. Ian & Alli, the Easter Egg pizzas decorated with the designs looked great; and more importantly, delicious! Theresa, what can I say on that detailed work on the colored-covered strawberries?...the careful, fine work to make the bunnies' faces and the Easter egg decor was BEAUTIFUL...very impressive! I also like how Ian & Alli did the drizzling on the chocolate-covered strawberries...looked very, very nice! Great job everyone! Like the resourceful idea of using an everyday paper towel and a marker to make the cute rabbit...good job Alli. What big baskets of Easter treats...lots of goodies for Alli & Ian to enjoy for a long while :-) Despite being on the road, it's great being able to fit in those Easter activities. EOM