Thursday, April 21, 2022

The Flowers Explore - Key Largo Florida

We're in Miami Florida. We're so close to the Florida Keys that we've got to make a trip to see them! 

One of the first of the Florida Keys you'll encounter as you leave the Florida mainland, the chain of Florida Keys islands stretches for 120 miles and separates the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. 

Our visit today is on a Thursday, so the traffic to get down to Key Largo from our campground wasn't too bad. Just over an hour drive for us. I thought it was a nice change how all the barriers along the side of the freeway were painted a pale blue color. 

One of the more highly rated beaches on Key Largo is Harry Harris Park. 

Entry Fees are a little expensive at $8 per adult, $5 for seniors and children. Luckily though, those rates only apply on the weekend. It's free during the week! 

And lucky for me, the parking lot is relatively empty, and there's large enough spots for the truck too!

It's beautifully tropical here! Palm trees and warm sand. 

There's a playground for the kids, though they didn't spend much time on it. 

Swings! I feel as an adult, I don't get to swing as often as I like. Many swing sets feel like they're not strong enough to hold an adult. It's nice to find one with chains thick enough to hold you. 

There are even covered picnic tables so you can eat while shaded. 

The beach opens to the ocean. 

Though there is also a protected lagoon with calm water. Unfortunately for us, there's signs suggesting that swimming isn't recommended due to bacteria in the water. 

Good thing I planned ahead and brought plenty of sand toys. 

The kids did run down to the water to get pails of water. 

Making sure to dodge all the little crabs that were scurrying about along the sand. There were hundreds of them, and they were quick to disappear whenever they sensed movement nearby. 

The castle is taking shape. 

The grandparents got involved in the building too! They made a river and their own lagoon for the water to collect into, though it did run out quickly, so they had to refill it. 

Taking a break for lunch, we all enjoyed teriyaki chicken and rice, kept piping hot by our thermoses. We've learned a few things from all our trips to Disney. 

The beaches in Key Largo were fun to visit! 

And we couldn't just leave the Florida Keys without trying their signature dessert. On the way out of Key Largo, we stopped at the highly rated Key Largo Chocolates where they make their own Key Lime Pie, Ice Creams, and Chocolates. 

When we walked inside, oh my, this place smells amazing. There's Key Lime treats in every form, including popcorn, jelly beans, taffy, chocolates, sodas, and of course pies. 
There's 32 yummy flavors of ice cream, but the one we were interested in was the Key Lime Pie Ice Cream. The kids got sample spoons of a few flavors and decided they wanted to try something else. 

Everyone loves ice cream. 

Chi and Richard loved their Key Lime Pie ice cream. 

Theresa shared hers with me. 

I opted for something unique. It's frozen Key Lime Pie on a stick and dipped in chocolate. They make them here in house and they're delicious. 

They've still got that crunchy graham layer and that tart and creamy key lime layer. 

The kids like it, but they loved their watermelon sorbet. Ian said it was his new favorite ice cream. It has a fresh watermelon taste instead of an artificial candy watermelon flavor. 

Key Largo, you've been great! We look forward to future visits where we'll explore even further down the Keys and eventually enjoy going in the ocean too!

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  1. What classic photos...towering palm trees set against blue skies and wispy clouds...white, sandy beach...beautiful sunshine warming the sand and the day...beautiful! The group photo and the one with only Grandpa & Grammy are perfect for those "We're in Key Largo!" postcards (Oops, behind the times...I guess for that instantaneous text photo :-) ) Relaxing day on a Key Largo beach (the chocolate-dipped key lime ice cream looks like quite a treat!) EOM