Friday, April 8, 2022

Theresa makes - Pappardelle Bolognese

After having great success with her homemade red-wine braised pork, Theresa is aiming to make another delicious dish at home. We have fond memories of a fantastic bolognese when we were in Italy, before kids. Tonight she's going to try to recreate that dish!

This will cook and reduce to form a rich and thick sauce. Our recipe tonight is heavily based on and their Homemade Bolognese Sauce

It starts with a few freshly chopped vegetables and ground beef. 

Once again, red wine will be an ingredient. This time though Theresa was prepared with a corkscrew to open it!

This Winking Owl wine has a winking owl on the cork too!

The vegetables and ground beef cook down together. 

The wine and milk are added, then the tomatoes and all the other spices. 

After an hour the house is smelling fantastic. I could get used to smells like this here. 

Now that we have a delicious sauce, we need some tasty pasta to serve it over. It can only be true pappardelle noodles, and Theresa searched at enough stores to find an egg pappardelle that has been imported from Italy! Perfect!

Those noodle bundles cooked in boiling water until they were perfect. 

The noodles and bolognese sauce combine in a bowl. 

And Theresa turned it to mix them all together. 

What to have with our amazing pasta? I think homemade bread is appropriate. 

I formed my dough into loaves to proof and double in size. 

And they got away from me unfortunately. I had them proofing at too high of a temperature and instead of doubling, they've tripled or more.

They cooked up still, unfortunately not having enough structure to hold up. But it's still going to be hot, fresh bread. Add a little butter, maybe dip it in balsamic and it's still going to be delicious. 

That's a tasty looking plate. 

The kids have been enjoying the smells in the RV today. They might look a little skeptical, but they were excited to try it. 

And they loved it! Both of them had clean plates and both asked for seconds!
Theresa you've got another winner! I look forward to having this one again!

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  1. The RV was smelling delicious that day, with the bolognese cooking and the bread baking...mmmmmmmmmmm! The bolognese looks hearty and tasty...proof is on the empty plates :-) Looks like Theresa added another dish to the "must-do again" list...good job! P.S. No need to borrow a neighbor's corkscrew anymore :-) EOM