Monday, April 4, 2022

Pizza at Home - Theresa's Perfect Pepperoni Pizza

Just last week as we were having our weekly pizza dinner, Ian for some reason didn't finish all his pepperoni pizza. That left me and Theresa with the option of tasting it again, and once we did, we realized how much we actually enjoy pepperoni pizza. It's been so long! Normally the kids get the basic pizzas and we go for some specialty option. 

Theresa said that this week we should make our own pepperoni pizza, but enhance it. Tonight instead of a basic pepperoni pizza we're making a Parent's Pepperoni Pizza. Let's get started!

So what would you put on a perfect pepperoni pizza Theresa? Freshly diced tomatoes sounds great. 

Ah, and instead of a tomato sauce base, which Theresa doesn't like, she's going for a Pesto base. 

Top that with a little mozzarella. 

Ooh, gorgonzola cheese. Good call. 

The baked in my pizza oven on a pizza stone and on the top rack next to the hot coils for 8 minutes. 

Once it came out, Theresa hit it with some fresh basil. We're on our third basil plant now. Theresa uses it too fast for it to live, but it is a cheap way to have fresh basil every week. Each plant lasts for 3-4 weeks now. 

How is it Theresa? 
It's better than a regular pepperoni pizza. It's very rich with the gorgonzola and spicy pepperoni flavors. She thought it could use something to "brighten" it a little. 

Something like a balsamic drizzle. Perfect! This was a tasty pizza Theresa! 

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  1. Ian indirectly became the inspiration for this week's Pizza Sunday! The Parent's Pepperoni Pizza looks delicious...good ideas for the toppings, Theresa. Not only does the fresh basil give the pizza a nice green sprinkle of color, it also offers up some good vitamins, too :-) EOM