Friday, April 29, 2022

Aubrey and Rita come to visit in Orlando!

Visitors! Ever since getting back from Miami the kids and everyone else has been looking forward to having more family visit us in Florida. They are actually going to be the last people who stay with us before it's time to pack up and get this show on the road again. 

Yes, it was late at night (nearly 11pm) but the kids still wanted to jump in the truck and go to the airport to pick up our guests. Rita and Aubrey! 

Oh yum! Rita brought me my favorite dessert. Homemade chocolate chip cookies. She makes them the best. 

The kids enjoyed all the hangout time with Aubrey. 

Like swimming in the pool.

A duck liked to make this pool home and came over to check out our volleyball. 

Uncle Jacob came by to visit too! They've got a 4-way Mario Kart race going on. Wonder who is going to win? 

For dinner, one of everyone's favorite, Mongolian BBQ made at home. You can pick as many toppings and sauces as you want, so if it's not good, you only have yourself to blame. 

Luckily it's always good. I even made flatbread from scratch to go with it. 

And Jacob brought a tasty Key Lime pie from Publix! They're delicious, and Aubrey and Rita love Key Lime Pie

Earlier in the week, Alli wanted to make frozen treats too. She poured Sunny D into cups with toothpicks to make popsicles. 

At Lake Magic they have some beautiful Pickleball courts. The kids were excited to play. 

We had a lot of fun running around after balls. The kids are starting to get better, and we even had a few rallies going. 

Some of the days were a bit breezy. Perfect for kite flying! A nearby field away from the power lines was perfect!

And these kites we bought in Kitty Hawk North Carolina where the Wright Brothers successfully flew the first airplane are so easy. Any little bit of wind and they'll hang in the sky without any effort. 

Aubrey wanted to make sure the kids got enough sweets, so all of us headed to Bahama Bucks, a shaved ice place that has really good reviews. They've got over 100 flavors!

Even the baby 8oz size is huge! Ian got a unicorn rainbow with whipped cream and sprinkles. Alli opted for Nerds candies on hers. 

Thanks Aubrey! They love their cousin. 

Share a taste!

Sadly, Aubrey's visit was just a quick weekend. She's got to get back home and go to school. It was great seeing her though! The kids put on sad faces when I asked for a picture, until I specifically requested they smile. 

But Aunt Rita gets to stick around for just a little longer. The kids are really starting to get into pickleball, so they asked her to join us for a few games. 

They asked how to get even better, so I had them doing drills with me to work on their serving, hitting, and moving around. I'm sure if we focus on it, we can get pretty good!

On one of the nights, Rita offered to watch the kids while Theresa and I could go out on a date. 
Where did we go? The movies? A nice dinner? 

How about the gym? 
That works. At least there were massage chairs for after the workout. 

After hanging out with us for nearly a week, it was time for Aunt Rita to head back home. Great to see you! 

Thank you for coming to see us so many times here in Florida!

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  1. Seeing Aunt Rita & Aubrey never gets old...very fortunate they were able to make multiple trips to Florida just to visit all of you...a warm homey feeling when they and other family visit...however, it's always sad to say good-bye. Aubrey squeezed in a lot of activities with Ian & Alli during the short weekend...that shaved ice serving was huge and fancy looking. Nice to see the kites out...wondered when they would make an appearance again. Pickleball is a fun game and fun exercise (with the kids' walking & biking endurance, they definitely have the stamina for the drills and learning footwork). Date night is whatever you two make it...working out in the gym is as good a place as anywhere :-) EOM