Thursday, June 2, 2022

A Cheez-It Puffed Taste Test Comparison - All 3 flavored compared with their crunchy counterparts

Cheez-It is making something new! They have taken their classic square Cheez-Its and puffed them up! 

Wandering the grocery store, I found these in the Cheez-It Puff'd in the Cracker aisle. Then when I was wandering around another grocery store, I found them in the Chip aisle. What are they really? Crackers or Chips? 
Today we're going to try all three Cheez-It Puff'd flavors and compare them to the closest classic Cheez-It flavor that I could find.  
The back of the Puff'd Cheez-It bags say that these are: 
- Crave-ably Cheesy
- Incredibly Airy
- Perfectly Puffy
- Baked with 100% Real Cheese

First we're going to compare the original Cheez-It crackers with the Double Cheese Cheez-It Puff'd. 

These Cheez-It Double Cheese Puff'd look a whole lot like Cheetos Puffs. They are very orange. Even more so than the Original Cheez-It crackers. Puff'd is made with Corn Meal (just like Cheetos), while the Crackers are made from Wheat Flour. 

Megan - It's like a Cheeto, but sticky! 
Patrick - If I'm going to have a puffed anything, it would be a Cheeto. 
Joe - These are really getting stuck in my teeth. 
Megan - I don't like the Puff'd Cheez-It. 

Joe - Megan, what are your feelings on Cheese Crackers in general? 
Megan - Cheez-Its are better than Cheese Nips. Cheese Nips aren't worth my time. 
Joe - What about Better Cheddars? Remember those? That might be an interesting taste test comparison idea. EVERY cheddar cracker I can find. 
Megan - Regular Cheez-Its are my go-to travel snack. 
Theresa - These Cheez-It crackers aren't as good as I remember. I like the Cheddar Jack Cheez-Its better because they have the extra powder on them. 

Next we'll be comparing the White Cheddar Puff'd Cheez-It with the White Cheddar cracker Cheez-Its. 

These ones match in color a lot closer. They also look like Cheetos. 

Theresa - I like the White Cheddar crackers better than the Original Cheez-It crackers. 
Joe - I agree. They're better. 
Patrick - The Puff'd version is just too soft. 

Lastly let's try these Scorchin' Hot Cheddar Puff'd Cheez-Its. I couldn't find a great comparison to the classic Cheez-It crackers. I ended up going with the Hot & Spicy Cheez-It crackers. 
Later I did find a Cheez-It Grooves Scorchin' Hot Cheddar, but oh well! Too late!

If the Double Cheese Puff'd Cheez-Its were orange, these are neon orange! They're so bright! Not quite to the level of Flamin' Hot orange though. 

Time to try the spicy Puff'd Cheez-Its. The kids were armed with milk, just in case. 
Sheila - Oh, those are too hot. 
Megan - I like the flavor of them. I wish they had that flavor on a regular cracker though. 
Mickey - I like the flavor too, but not the consistency. 

Ian - The crackers taste like salsa. I like it!
Joe - They do taste like salsa don't they. 
I was surprised!

The Puff'd are spicier than the crackers. 
Theresa - I didn't think I would like the Scorchin' Hot one, but I love it!
Joe - Are they similar to Flamin' Hot? 
Theresa - A little bit. 
Joe - Maybe more like Hot Fries? 
Theresa - It's a little softer than Hot Fries. Not as crunchy. 

With so many different people trying them, there's bound to be a lot of different opinions on which is the best. 
Our overall winner today with 3 votes, is the Original. The one and only Cheez-It Baked Cheddar crackers. It got top marks from Megan, Avery, and Ian. 
Megan - I am loyal to my original Cheez-Its. 

The second favorite was also a classic cracker. The White Cheddar cracker Cheez-It was the favorite of Sheila and Patrick.
Sheila - I liked the Scorchin Hot Cheddar Puff'd, but I couldn't eat a lot of them. I can eat a lot of the White Cheddar crackers. 

Also getting two votes, and our first Puff'd item are these Scorchin' Hot Cheddar Puff'd Cheez-Its. 
Theresa - I liked all the Puff'd versions. I would choose them over all the cracker versions. 

Mickey was a fan of the crackery Cheez-It Hot & Spicy.
Mickey - I liked the flavor of the Scorchin' Hot, but just didn't like that texture. 

And rounding everything out is Alli with her choice of Double Cheese Cheez-It Puff'd. 

This was a fun one to try! I like seeing the new items from classic flavors we love! 
I saw that Cheez-It also came out with Cheez-It Pop'd Corn in Cheddar and White Cheddar. Might have to check those out too!

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  1. That was a fun taste test against different Cheez-It crackers. "Sticky" & "stuck in the teeth" doesn't sound too good for the Cheddar Puff'd. Definitely a neon brightness to the Scorchin' Hot Cheddar Puff'd! Surprised Ian liked the spiciness of the Hot & Spicy Cheeze-It cracker...maybe he's starting to like spiciness a little more each time. EOM