Monday, June 20, 2022

Pizza at Home - Pesto, Alfredo, Marinara everything Pizza

Pizza Day again! Today I felt like throwing the whole kitchen sink into a pizza. All my favorite toppings including Pepperoni, Sausage, Bacon, Pineapple, and Goat Cheese. And instead of using one sauce for a base I chose three! Pesto, Alfredo, and Marinara! I bet it's going to be delicious!  

But so far this year, I haven't missed a week of making thin crust pizza and I'm not going to start now. The kids love it and so does everyone else apparently. Gotta make the crust!

Theresa and Megan handled the toppings like usual. 

Megan helped me make the regular pizza crust dough using my old recipe. She is stretching out the dough. 

And then adding my toppings. Since I'm showcasing the sauces tonight, instead of spreading them thin, I'm putting large dollops of sauce all over the pizza. 

Some might like a lightly sauced pizza. I want to taste the flavors of the sauce! Lay it down thick!

Eating tonight's pizza was a variety of flavor! In one bite you're eating one type of pizza and in the next bite it's something totally different. I thought it was great!

My recipe always makes two pizzas, so Megan asked me, if I could make any pizza I wanted, what would I make? 
I would make a pizza with lots of meat, plus goat cheese and pineapples. 


For Patrick it's lots of pesto, cheese, and goat cheese. 

And the kids love their thin crust pizza most! Another tasty pizza day!

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  1. The kids look quite pleased with this pizza Sunday! The "all-in-one" pizza was a "brain teaser" take a bite and taste some pesto, leading the brain to expect a pesto-based pizza...then wham, a different taste on the next bite...quite a tease for the brain :-) Good to see the regular crust make an appearance again alongside the thin crust one. Lots of different pizzas, including favorites, to enjoy on that Sunday! P.S. (belated) Happy Father's Day! EOM