Tuesday, June 21, 2022

A Flat Lola Adventure across the USA!

If you ask Ian what he misses most about California, he's quick to tell you that it's his friends. Specifically a couple friends from his Kindergarten class. 

So when Lola and her mom sent us a request to help them out with a school project, Ian and Alli were both thrilled! 

They recently read a book about Flat Stanley and how he got to go to all different places. Lola made a Flat Lola version of herself and sent it to Ian, hoping that he'd be able to take her on some adventures. I think you're sending it to just the right kids! Ian and Alli love going on adventures! 
Dear Ian, Here is Flat Lola. I hope you have fun with her. Can you please take her to famous places in your area and take pictures of yourself with Flat Lola? When you are finished, please send Flat Lola and the pictures back to my school by the beginning of May. They will be displayed in my classroom for Open House. Thanks again and have fun!!!! Love, Lola 

Along with the note, the teacher also gave an instruction sheet, and suggested that they could even make costumes and accessories for Flat Lola. That got them excited about all the different things they could make for her, and all the different places she could go.  
And, I mean, since we are starting in Orlando Florida, there's one obvious place we have to take her. 

Disney World!
We'll start with pictures in front of Cinderella's Castle at the Magic Kingdom. The kids made Flat Lola a pair of Mickey Ears, a chocolate Mickey ice cream bar, a Mickey shirt, and a Mickey balloon. 

And we stopped into Epcot too for the Festival of the Arts. 

Along with Hollywood Studios. 

And at the Animal Kingdom, they made her a pet monkey to sit on her shoulder, and an Avatar suit with wings to fly like a Banshee. 

Here's the first set of things that will go into the return packet to Lola. Maps from all 4 parks, pictures, plus the accessories they created. 

Happy Valentines Day Lola! It's not a famous landmark, but we're still celebrating with you. 

They made a heart hat, flowers, and a valentine for her. 

Flat Lola got to come biking with us down one of our favorite trails we found in Florida. 

Yikes! An Alligator! Ian made her a bicycle. I know there's a helmet they made for her somewhere, but it must have gotten misplaced. 

This went into the packet, along with a map of the Van Fleet trail. 

Plant City is known for their strawberries and the strawberry festival. Flat Lola came with us to help pick some delicious strawberries. 

She had a giant strawberry hat, overalls, a basket filled with strawberries, and a giant strawberry she picked. 

During our trip down to Miami, Flat Lola got to see the Miami Everglades. 

And came away with a map of the National Park. 

At Gulf Shores Alabama, Flat Lola came with us to the beach!

I thought the kids were especially clever with their costumes and accessories this time. A whole wardrobe change for her into a swimming suit! Plus a pink flamingo float, a kite, and goggles for the water. 

In New Orleans, Lola visited the famous Cafe Du Monde, with their tasty beignets. 

And collected a Mardi Gras mask and Cafe Du Monde hat. 

We spent Easter in Mississippi where Lola got an Easter basket, a bunny hat, and giant eggs!

Making our way through Texas, at Lake Texoma, she found a Cowboy Hat, Lasso, and a Horse. 

Ian - Horses are hard to make. 

Finally we made it to Colorado and it's nearly the beginning of May! Flat Lola will have to head back to Lola's elementary school soon. 

In Colorado, the kids know there's gold, so they went on a little expedition to try to find some. 

 Flat Lola went with in a miner's hat along with a pickaxe. And she struck it rich! Look at that giant gold nugget!

 Lastly, Lola would visit Pikes Peak in Colorado. 

 Armed with a rope, cold weather clothes, and spiky shoes, she was ready to tackle that mountain. 

 Along with all the pictures and costume accessories, Ian wrote out a note to send back. 

Dear Lola, We had lots of fun with Flat Lola. We went to Disney World. We dressed her up for Valentines day. We took her on a bike trail. In Plant City, Flat Lola picked strawberries. At Everglades Flat Lola saw alligators. By Gulf Shores me Alli and Flat Lola played in the sand. On Easter we opened our Easter baskets with Flat Lola. New Orlands we ate beignets with Flat Lola. In Texas we walked by the lake with Flat Lola. Flat Lola saw Pikes Peak. We searched for gold with flat Lola. We had lots of fun with Flat Lola. Ian Flowers, age 8. 

Ian and Alli, you did an amazing job taking Flat Lola everywhere, making her all sorts of costumes and accessories. I loved how creative they were! That is quite the package that is going back!  

Everything is labeled and ready to go back to California! 


Goodbye Flat Lola! Safe travels! 

Flat Lola made it to California! I hope you enjoyed coming along with us on all the adventures!

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  1. Wow...Flat Lola went on soooooooooooooo many fun adventures...what a lucky girl to have some great traveling friends along! Ian & Alli did a GREAT job accessorizing Flat Lola on her many many neat outfits, colorful extras (e.g., Easter basket, lasso, pickaxe, etc), and even a horse! Fun for me to see what Flat Lola would don for each of her adventures. What a great "assignment" for Ian & Alli throughout the school year. P.S. Amazed Flat Lola survived all her many adventures still looking as good as she did on day one! EOM