Friday, June 3, 2022

A visit to Michigan Pt 1 - 2022/04/28-05/05

Didn't we just get to Colorado? Just a few days ago we completed our long trip from Orlando Florida to Colorado Springs Colorado in the RV. Since we're planning to crash here for a few weeks, we decided to take the opportunity to head up to Michigan to see all that family again. Pop Pop and Gram drove us up to the Denver airport. 

Love you Gram! See you again soon!

Airport security is always good for finding coins. Ian will crawl under tables and do whatever he needs to do to snag a coin. 

I don't know if Ian will ever hear the end of "make sure you have your backpack" after our last incident on the Denver train. 

We always like to say hi to the pilots, and they are always so good with the kids. 

They let them sit in their chairs to get pictures, and even let them hang out while the parents go grab seats. The flight attendant brought them back to us after a few minutes. I asked Ian what they talked about while they were up there. 
Ian - Life. 
Oh yeah? Life? 
Ian - Yeah, we talked about who we're going to see. Living in the RV. What they want to be when they grow up. 
Ha. Okay. I guess that is "life" isn't it. 

He told Ian to find him after the flight and they'd get a picture together. 

When we arrived in Michigan Aunt Rita was there to pick us up!

And the rest of the family was at the house waiting for us. Hi Grammy!

Aubrey's boyfriend Jared knew when we were arriving and picked the kids up some Icees! Yum! They love all the attention they get here. 

Love you Aunt Amy!

And I love you massage chair. It was hard to give you up when we moved into the RV. 

Aunt Rita knows how much I love her chocolate chip cookies and made sure I had a fresh batch nearly every day we were there. Love it!

Besides the chip and putt we did over Christmas, it's been years since I've played golf. The nephews invited me to tag along with them and Tyler. 

It was a lot of fun! We weren't great, but we had some laughs. 

And the scenery was great too. Walking in the cool air, outside, on a sunny day. And you never know what you might see while you're out there. Like deer running across the fairway while you're in the golf cart. 

Alli loves getting all prettied up, and that's just not something that we do too much of. Her cousin Aubrey makes sure she gets a lot of attention when they're together though. 
Aubrey has her own business doing lashes, and Alli is always interested in having hers done. 

So pretty Alli. That's fancy. 

We certainly ate well while we were visiting in Michigan. Chi took dinner one night and made everyone a delicious Korean meal. These two have had some experience filling and rolling egg roll wrappers.

Yum! Along with the egg rolls there was also bulgolgi and chapchae. 

The kids are so into boardgames and card games right now. The visit to Aunt Donna and Uncle Gary's house in Mississippi reignited their interest in all sorts of new games. Sequence is a new one to them and they are loving it!  

Movie night at Uncle Don and Aunt Amy's house! 
Peeps and popcorn. What? 

It's Springtime in Michigan which means all the birds are starting to arrive, nest, and lay their eggs. 

Ooh, those eggs are beautiful. 

And since the birds are here now, they are sure to be hungry. Tyler keeps this feeder stocked with birdseed, and you'll find birds here all day. These bright yellow finches always caught your eye when they were near the window. 

And plenty other birds enjoy it too. 

Tyler put his hummingbird feeder up for the first time this year, and within a day, he already had visitor. Love it! We'll have to start putting out our feeders at the RV too. 

We still have a walking goal of 600 miles to hit this year, so after dinner we always tried to get out and walk around the neighborhood. 
These Callery Pear trees are beautiful, but make sure to keep your distance. They look nice, but they smell horrible. Actually they smell a bit like fish! The PictureThis app says it's because of the trimethylamine and dimethylamine in the blossoms. 

Alli - Daddy, can you get a picture of me in front of this pink tree? 

As we continued our walk, we saw another sign of spring. Baby ducklings! This mama duck has a huge brood of ducklings! How many? Let's count them. 

She was keeping them as safe as she could, moving them away from anyone walking along the path. 

Alli - Daddy, can you take a picture of me with the ducks too? 
Sure can! 
We had a lot of fun in Michigan, including a few different taste tests. I'll be posting those in the days to come! See you next time!

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  1. Lots of spring things to see during the walks or just being outside...that Mama duck had lots of ducklings to watch over...such colorful turquoise eggs...Callery Pear blossoms have a "frosted" look for spring...the different birds just love such a bird-friendly home! Have never seen such fancy eyelash creations...Alli is loving all those "prettying up" opportunities :-) Something about glass noodles always register a big yummy when I ate them...really like the texture...the Korean meal looked delicious. So many "spoiling" treats...icees (what a sweet welcome for the kids by Jared) and homemade chocolate chip cookies (Aunt Rita to the rescue)...yum, yum! Visiting the pilot and being in the cockpit is such a fun experience for Ian & Alli...never know when Ian will get into "heavy" discussions with the pilot :-) EOM