Saturday, June 25, 2022

Celebrating Ian and Alli's Half Birthday - Dinner and Presents Pt3

Today we're celebrating Alli and Ian's half birthday! We already spent the first part of the day the Bowling Alley and then the Arcade. Now it's time to head home and eat their favorite dinner and desserts, then open presents!

They loved the giant claw machine at the arcade, and had really good luck winning these giant balls. I think overall between the two visits, they brought home 8 of them!

Perfect for putting on the trampoline and jumping around with!

While they're busy outside, we are inside getting their favorite meals ready. Any time you need cheese grated, you make sure to call Megan. She's the master cheese grater. 

While she's doing that, Theresa and I are busy at the stove getting the rest of the meal together. It's their favorite that they request whenever we have a special occasion. 

For Ian, it's Cheese Fondue with bread. For Alli, she loves Theresa's Olive Garden Pasta e Fagioli soup copycat. And if we're going to have that, might as well make homemade alfredo sauce and noodles to go with it. 

Yum! What a delicious dinner! Great choice kids!

And for dessert, they each got to pick their favorite. Alli loves Nothing Bundt Cakes, and we let her pick 4 different flavors! Chocolate, Confetti, Lemon, and Red Velvet. 
Ian made the best choice, in my opinion, by choosing a Village Inn French Silk Pie. So good. Golden candles for Ian. 

And Pink candles for Alli. Six and a half of them because we're celebrating a half birthday. 

And there's nothing wrong with a little bit of sharing. Ian likes red velvet too. 

Alli has the right idea. 

Five different flavors in one bowl! Very nice. 

Avery helped clean up the frosting from the edges of the containers. 

Time for the presents! Minecraft wrapping paper!

Knowing their birthday was coming up, they've been asking, and really hoping to receive more games that we could all play together. Our time in Mississippi and Michigan showed us a few new games they really hoped they would get. 
Like Skip-Bo!

And Rack-O!

Or Sequence! All good games that we'll be able to play in the RV. 

One of the things we're going to be working on this year is hand-eye coordination, and catching and throwing. They've grown a bit since their t-ball league and both could use new gloves. Alli got a pink one, and yes, you're seeing that right. She's going lefty. 

We're clearing out some room in the RV for things we want to do. They didn't watch TV in their room at all, so we pulled out the TV I installed and added shelves and drawers for extra crafting supplies. That's a lot of construction paper. 

Plus pipecleaners (reminding us of their Mississippi cousin Annabel), tape, scissors, glitter glue, and more. I'm excited to see what all they can create. 

And now for the big present! It's an exciting one! It's... their swimsuits? Why did we get swimsuits? 

It's a certificate good for upgrading their Disney World Annual Pass! When we return to Florida, we're going to get to go to the Water Parks for the first time (they can remember)! They're already excited! Talking about going down the Summit Plummet and other big water slides!
It's been a fun birthday celebration!


  1. What a Half Birthday meal...delicious favorites for the special occasion...the Pasta e Fagioli Soup is a meal on its own! Good thing everyone left enough room for the Half Birthday desserts...yummy bundt cakes and French Silk Pie...definitely have to try all 5 treats! Big bouncing balls while bouncing on a trampoline must have been a "bouncing" fun time :-) Like the colorful Minecraft wrapping paper...great gifts that travel easily in the RV...looks like some new favorite games and lots of crafting material for those creative juices. That was quite a full day celebrating the Half Birthdays for Ian and Alli! EOM

  2. Oops, forgot to add: Loved the gift certificate graphic to Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon...perfect font choice on the "Good for one annual pass to", and great water parks' logos. EOM