Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Making Baby Hot Dogs with Avery

Recently the kids remade Baby Hot Dogs in the RV. They told their cousin Avery about them and said that they'd have to make them together when we met up. Today is that day! We're making baby hot dogs with Avery!

We've got all the ingredients we need to make a quick bread. Milk, flour, butter, baking powder, cream of tartar, salt, and sugar. 

This is all on the kids today to mix all the ingredients. They all took turns adding different things. Alli measured out the flour. 

Ian unwrapped the butter for melting. 

Avery isn't allowed to use the microwave and told me so. I had to call her mom and get special permission for her to melt the butter for us. 

A tablespoon of baking powder, more or less. 


The melted butter goes in. 

Then the milk. 

Everyone took a turn giving it a stir. 

We've got quick bread dough!

Guess who isn't allowed to play with knives either? (I know right?) 
Another phone call to her mother and we were allowed to use a butter knife on the hot dogs. 

There we go!

With the bowl of quick bread dough in front of them, I showed them how to smash a flat circle, put the hot dog in the middle, then pinch it all closed around it. 

Avery felt that if a little dough would cover it a little, a lot of dough would cover it even better! We've got some tennis ball sized baby hot dogs!

Looking good!

Those are ready for the oven now. 

After a few minutes in the oven, they were ready to eat for lunch! 

Along with a plate of veggies. 

Blow on them if they're hot!

The baby hot dogs were a big success! Thanks for helping Avery! Good job kids!

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  1. Another fun activity for all the kids...good job Ian, Alli, & Avery on those baby hot dogs! Avery must be having a SUPER time doing these food activities with Ian & Alli. Good girl, Avery (and Ian & Alli), for paying attention to what your Mom (and Dad) says you're allowed to use in the kitchen unless given special permission (kitchen knives and microwave ovens can be dangerous if not used correctly!). One nice thing about those baby hot dogs is that one can have as much "bread" with it as one likes :-) EOM