Thursday, June 23, 2022

Celebrating Ian and Alli's Half Birthday - Bowling Pt1

Happy Half Birthday Alli and Ian! With birthdays that are towards the end of the year, they get a little blurred into the holidays. A few years ago Theresa and I decided that we'd celebrate their half birthdays with a party and presents from us, and on their real birthdays we can have a smaller celebration. The date is a bit flexible depending on whatever we want to do, and since we're here in Colorado for a few more days, why not celebrate with everyone here!

They had so much fun with Megan and Patrick earlier in the week at the arcade that we thought they'd love a return trip. Megan took the week off work and Avery is with her and ready to join us! 

We're going to The Summit at Interquest Parkway and they don't only have an arcade, but a bowling alley too! Let's give it a try! 
You've got to love the colored bowling balls they have. The girls certainly did. 

Alli going for a traditional bowling style. She did great, many times not even hitting the bumpers!

Good job Alli! Nice Strike!

This is a good start to a birthday celebration. 

Someone gets the right amount of excited about picking up a spare. 

Start it like this... 

And continue with a little bit of flair. 

High fives for a Spare!

The first game was fun, with Theresa pulling out a win with 133 pins. 

We've got the lane for 2 hours, but I don't know if we've got enough time if everyone plays. Better let the kids give this one a go. 

Alli with a Spare!

Good job Ian!

A Strike!

High fives all around. 

Ian would squeak out a win here. Good job Ian!

Patrick was able to leave work a few minutes early and get a few frames in with us too! 

A few video clips. I love how Alli aims. 

Great job everyone! Let's go play some arcade games!

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  1. Happy Half Birthday, Alli & Ian! Bowling!!!...what a blast for everyone, especially the kids!...Ian, Alli, & Avery had their own unique style in delivering the ball which got them strikes and spares (definitely better results than me when I bowled as a youngster!)...such colorful bowling balls, too! Such fun and great encouragement to each other...good job everyone on lifting each other up! EOM