Sunday, June 26, 2022

Last days in Colorado Pt 3 - 2022/05/05-16

We've loved our time in Colorado, but it's time to start wrapping up our trip here. 

Ian has learned a bit of piano while we've been on the road. He wanted to help Avery learn something new too. 

He wrote down the letters of the keys to play. 

Nice work Ian!

Amazing what you find in the bedroom closet. My old uniform from my job during High School. And Theresa's too! Wow! I remember working for $5.50 an hour and figuring out how many hours I needed to work to go out to eat with Theresa at the Korean restaurant with an Arby's Jamocha shake afterwards. 

These aspen trees have been here since my parents bought the house years and years ago. A few years ago they started dying, and it's time to take them down. 

The RV is going to be in the driveway shortly, so these need to come down first. 

Grab a rope and a chainsaw and they're ready to go. 

Look out!

Picking up the RV from the family friend. Love the nature here in Colorado. The deer were watching us leave. 

The kids said that Avery was "sad" that she didn't get a party (like their half birthday party) so they decided to fix that. They spent an afternoon in the basement setting up games and prizes! They did all the signs and decorations themselves. Welcome to Avery's Party!

There's games and prizes, but first you need tokens to play. What are the tokens? 

The kids have hidden puff balls around the basement, and those are our tokens to play the games. Theresa, I don't think those count. 

Games like knocking down the cups. 

Or fishing for prizes. There were fuzzy flowers with a tape layer, and a fishing line with tape on it. Very clever. 

Gram snagged 3 of them!

I thought the air hockey table they made was especially clever, using a ball bearing puck and two "Little People" luggages for paddles. 

Prizes were handed out for winning the games. Snacks! Thanks kids! This was a lot of fun!

A long video of the whole thing. 

Patrick has work tomorrow and won't be able to see us off. See ya Pat! Thanks for all the contributions to the taste tests! 

See you soon!

Come visit us again!

Megan stayed around a little longer to scan photos. We were treated to a lunar eclipse!

Thanks for the reminder Patrick! I knew it was at 11pm, but I wasn't thinking that was in the Eastern Time Zone. 

The next day, after two weeks with the RV parked in one place, it was finally time to continue our journey West. Thanks for letting us stay here for so long! 

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  1. Hard saying good-bye after 2 weeks with Pop Pop and Gram, along w/ Avery, Uncle Patrick, & Aunt Megan...but lots of good memories created during that time! Tree trimming isn't an easy task, especially when tall trees are involved...good job to everyone for safely getting those tall aspens cut down. What high school memories those work uniforms brought back...awww..."how many hours to work so you can treat Theresa at the Korean restaurant and then Arby's for the Jamocha shake"...what a special thing to remember :-) Very thoughtful of Ian & Alli to give a party for Avery to lift her spirits up...liked the fishing game to pick up the fuzzy flowers. EOM