Saturday, June 11, 2022

Making Chocolate Covered Strawberries with Aunt Theresa

The kids have had lots of fun adventures on the road and they also like sharing what they can with others. They loved making chocolate covered strawberries for Easter and wanted to make them again with Avery! Theresa's going to get them all set up and walk them through it. 

After making sure they washed their hands, the strawberries need to get washed. 

Each of the kids took turns cleaning off the berries. 

Time to melt the chocolates. We still have a few left over from Easter. 

Theresa gave them an example, holding it by the greens and dipping it into the chocolate. 

Each of the kids took their turn dipping a few. 

Some with extra chocolate on them. 

Looking good Avery!

Next it was time to decorate them. When presented with all the color options, they only wanted to do pink and blue today. 

All the kids took a turn with that too. 


Even the adults took a turn at decorating some. 

Like this white chocolate and dark chocolate one I made. I also drizzled all the excess chocolate on parchment to make the cool patter it's sitting on. 

Once they'd cooled it was time for the best part. Eating them! Yum! But which one to choose? 

Turns out everyone wanted a berry that was decorated by someone else. And everyone's designs got picked! It made everyone feel pretty good to have theirs chosen. 

Great big berries!

With a lot of chocolate around it. 


That was fun! Thanks Aunt Theresa! 

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  1. Huge strawberries, perfect for chocolate dipping and decorating. The kids, especially Avery (1st time!), had a great time dipping the strawberries into chocolate...then everyone got into the fun for the decorating part (and of course, the eating part!). The "leftover" chocolate and drizzle design platter along with the white/dark chocolate strawberry would make for a great sample food offering from the booths during the Epcot Festival of the Arts! EOM