Sunday, June 12, 2022

Maui Burst Mountain Dew Pineapple Taste Test Comparison

Today we are tasting a brand new flavor of Mountain Dew and I'm excited for it! I love pineapple and today's taste test is Mtn Dew Maui Burst! 

It is Dew with a Blast of Pineapple Flavor with Other Natural Flavors. What should we try it with? I suppose we could try it a fresh pineapple! 

I saw that it was being released, but exclusively at Dollar General. 

So I was happy when Theresa texted me this one day. 

The bottle art is in a Polynesian style with tikis and flowers on it. 

Along with a pineapple. 

Megan has pineapple cutting skills. 

And Theresa has pineapple noshing skills. 

Even the core of the pineapple can be deliciously sweet. 

All set up? Lots of cups of Maui Burst Dew and a whole bowl full of fresh pineapple. 

Ian - Yum! Pineapple flavored Mountain Dew is delicious!
Alli - This is Alli. It's really good! (knowing I audio record many of these to remember the details)
Theresa - It's one of the best tasting "weird" Mountain Dews. The best non-traditional flavor. 
Joe - It's different than other pineapple sodas. Different than Fanta Pineapple. 
Patrick - I haven't decided if it's top 5 yet. 
Gram - It's refreshing!
Pop Pop, Megan, and Avery really enjoyed it too. 

And the fresh pineapple is great too!

It's like a Mountain Dew with a little pineapple flavoring and it's great!
Nice job Mountain Dew! This is one that we can all enjoy!

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  1. Sounds refreshing and "tropical"! Having some fresh pineapple alongside it makes the entire taste test great. "One of the best tasting 'weird' Mtn Dews." that description, Theresa :-) EOM