Monday, June 6, 2022

Pizza at Home - A visit to Michigan Pt 2 - 2022/04/28-05/05

We're in Michigan for a week long vacation! While the RV is safely stored away in Colorado, we flew here to visit with family! 

Sundays are always pizza days whether we're in the RV or hanging out with people. And so on Sunday I got to work making lots of thin crust pizza for everyone to enjoy. I made the dough and rolled it out super flat. Theresa, Ethan, and anyone else who was around added whatever topping they liked. 

I always try to make something unique each week, just to keep things interesting. I've got a few different ones this week including a fried chicken nugget pizza with cheddar. 

A meat lovers pepperoni, sausage, bacon, and cheddar. 

T made one of her amazing Therizza pizzas. 

Lastly is a pizza that I wanted to make consisting of salami, pepperoni, pineapple, blue cheese, caramelized onions, and cheddar. Can you tell we were running out of mozzarella cheese today? 

The kids are gamers. Board games, card games, console games, iPad games. They've requested Sequence as a game that makes it into the RV. 

One of the things we've missed with having an RV fridge is the ability to get ice cream really cold and rock hard. When you're in a house though, you have space for a chest freezer and ice cream can make it down to the proper temperature. 
This is what happens when there is a combination of a sale on ice cream, a coupon on ice cream, and an Ibotta coupon and bonus on top of that. Do we have a problem? I don't have a problem. Maybe you have a problem. 
I know the Ben & Jerry's ice cream is always delicious. The Talenti Gelato Layers were tasty with all the different consistencies. The Talenti Sorbetto was quite polarizing. The Raspberry was so very bad, while the Cold Brew Coffee was really good. The light ice creams, Halo Top and Nick's were good, but felt "airy". Not that dense, hard ice cream I like. 

I know it's May, and maybe not quite fireplace weather here, but they indulged me. 

The kids had a sleepover with Aubrey. I don't know that I could do that. They're wild sleepers. 

Uncle Don wanted to treat us to something fun, so one afternoon we all headed to the movie theaters. These theaters used to give free refills on popcorn, but now there's signs saying that to "keep their prices low" they aren't doing refills anymore. The cost of the large popcorn was still the same price as before though. Ian is looking for coins. 

We all watched the movie Bad Guys about 5 bad guys, Mr Wolf, Mr Snake, Mr Piranha, Mr Shark, and Ms Tarantula, and their challenges to fool the world that they're turning good. It was a really cute movie and everyone enjoyed it. 

Aubrey took the kids to Michaels for some crafting activities they could do together. They came away with a whole bunch of birdhouses and paints. 

Very nice kids! I bet any bird would be happy to live in a house like that. 

Ian painted the townhouse. 

While Alli painted all the mini houses. 

For a special "Alli" day, Aubrey has scheduled a manicure with a friend who does nails, but with all hand painted designs. The night before they planned out exactly what Alli wanted to get on each finger. 

Alli was so good at holding still. 

So fancy Alli!

So many pretty colors, decorated with hearts and polka dots. 

Aubrey also wanted to give Alli another eyelash appointment. Aubrey said she was a better client than a lot of her other customers. Perhaps it's the warning that she's using glue near her eyes and she doesn't want to slip. 

Wow Alli. Those look amazing. 

Uh oh. I don't think I'm ready for this yet. 
Alli got a makeover too. 

So adorable Alli. 

After hearing that I was going golfing earlier in the week, the kids really wanted to go too. They didn't get to come that time, but the cousins decided to take a special trip with them to go play golf. 

And this isn't miniature golf. They are going to try playing on a regular golf course!

No kids clubs today. These are the full size! 
Ian - Golf was hard. I wasn't very good. I thought I would be better because I always hit it too hard with the putter (when playing mini golf). 
Alli - I got a hole in 17!

Ian even got to drive the golf cart! Glad he doesn't get a license for a few more years. Enjoy the video!

It's our last day here. We've got to fly home later today. When I woke up, I went looking for the kids. I found Ian hanging out with Aubrey, just laying on her work table. 

One more batch of cookies!

Rita sent me home with lots of cookies. Apparently the kids thought these were for sharing. 

Love you guys! 

We had a really fun visit with everyone! We got to do so many fun things together! Time to go back to Colorado 

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  1. What a week!...always so hard to say good-bye...but everyone had such a wonderful time together. That was a lot of ice cream variety...guess all those milkshakes weren't enough of an icy treat :-) Different pizzas for different taste buds...all were very tasty, as usual. Such colorful birdhouses...very nice Ian & Alli. Alli enjoys those nail (colorful and cute designs) and eyelash her a chance to look all grown-up and "prettied-up" like Aubrey. Mmmmmm...homemade chocolate chip cookies for the road...the best! EOM