Monday, June 27, 2022

New Mexico Sky City RV Park 2022/05/16-17

On the road again. Just can't wait to get on the road again! It's time to continue our westward journey. 
I have a few more Colorado stories to share, so you'll have to forgive the timeline incontinuities as I post, but I'm starting to fall too far behind on our travels. 

We started our travels in Florida back in April, and this will be our ninth stop since then. 
It's a bit of a travel day today, but we're ready for it. 

The kids got a goody bag from Gram and Pop Pop with snacks and other activities. 

As we were driving out, we got a very good look at Pikes Peak. It really is beautiful here in Colorado.
I'm reminded of the John Denver song lyrics, and I feel they really are appropriate here, especially considering our travels over the past year. 
"You know I love the trail I'm on. The friends who ride with me. The country that we're passing through is a paradise to see... Take me for a ride. On the backbone of the Mighty Land. The Continental Divide (we'll drive across that tomorrow). To the place where earth and heaven meet the mountains and the sky. In the heart of Colorado. Rocky Mountain High." 

As we drove, I played that, and other John Denver songs.  

All the way to New Mexico! We drove through Santa Fe New Mexico, which means the soundtracked changed from John Denver to Newsies! You know, the Disney Musical about the New York paperboys. "Dreams come true. Yeah they do. In Santa Fe!"


While we were in Colorado, there were quite a few fires. Theresa's Emo even had to evacuate for a bit as the fires got near her home. 

Those fires didn't stop at the border of Colorado either. They continued right on into New Mexico. Signs on the Interstate warned of them, along with the smoke. 

Looking at the map, we could see that there were a few burning in the area.  

And we could even see them off in the distance. Ian wanted to make sure we had a plan if it got too close to us. I think we're safe on the freeway buddy.  

It's nice being able to fill up where the truckers do. I don't want to try to pull this RV into a regular gas station. And if it's not busy, Theresa and the kids will run back and use the restroom and grab a snack. Just gotta make sure I park it where I can put the stairs down.  

It's been a long, but thankfully uneventful day.  We've made it to our New Mexico destination!

The Sky City Casino Hotel!  

Actually it's the Sky City RV Park that is right beside the Casino. Gotta get those RVers who want to gamble too, even if they don't need a room. Theresa did have to run inside to the hotel registration desk to get the keys to unlock the water and electricity for our spot, but otherwise it was pretty easy.  

The spaces were long enough for the truck and RV, plus they were flat which is a bonus. The RV can auto-level itself if it's a few inches off, but if it's more than 3" Theresa and I have to start putting blocks under the tires.  

Like I said, long day.  

The key they gave us had no problem getting the lock off the electric box, but the lock on the water was a different brand entirely. Hmm. A call to the desk, and then a chat with the handyman they sent out showed that someone put their own lock on here. Guess they got it mixed up with one of their own. A few minutes later he was back with bolt cutters and we were good to go! 

 Since we're spending the night in the RV, we get to claim a new state on our map. 

New Mexico! 

To stretch our legs after dinner, we took a walk to a grocery store. Ooh, rattlesnakes. Glad we didn't see any of those tonight.  

 It was a pleasant night. Nice and quiet. It's barren and desolate around here, but it's beautiful in its own way too. 

As Theresa and I prepped the RV to move again the kids entertained themselves. Haven't seen too many critters here, but they did find a beetle.

They decided to build him a house. With two bathrooms, a tv, plus a place to entertain guests. Fancy. 

 On the move again! We've got places to be!

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  1. New Mexico!...another state sticker (hooray!)...the sky is so blue and clear in the photos. Always a plus when the parking spot is easy to get into and it's level! Think the beetle will be spoiled because of the luxury home Ian & Alli built for it. Beautiful parting photo of Colorado capturing Pike's Peak with the green trees in the foreground, and having "Rocky Mountain High" playing to set the mood further. That was some goody bag from Gram & Pop Pop! EOM