Sunday, December 18, 2022

Getting into the Christmas Spirit - At Disney World

It's Christmas Time! How do you get into the Christmas Spirit? We've got a few traditions.

We love walking around Disney World, seeing all the decorations. And at night, all the lights glow!

And it wouldn't be Christmas without watching the Candlelight Processional. It's not the same as back in California at Disneyland at the start of Main Street. Here they have an outdoor theater at the American pavilion. We sat through the entire showing watching Isabella Rosellini. 

Watching procession come in. 

Instead of being Disney Cast Members from all over the resort (like Disneyland and Uncle Ruston), the tree is made of the Voices of Liberty singers. And they've got microphones. It's a much more animated vibe than the somber mood at Disneyland's Candlelight. 

Waving at the people entering. 
During our nights here, we saw Whoopi Goldberg (the crowds were insane, we didn't stick around long).  

And Josh Gad (the voice of Olaf). 

We could see him a little better. 

I like the figures they had in the windows of one of the stores. Donald and Goofy are dressed as Candlelight members. 

And Huey, Dewey, and Louie are part of the choir as well. 

Gotta love all the special Disney treats. 

A red velvet cupcake with holiday frosting was perfect for sharing. 

During the day, the Voices of Liberty singers are inside the American pavilion lobby singing Christmas carols. They're so beautiful to hear. 

Checking out the gingerbread houses at the resort. 

And a bigger gingerbread house at one of the Boardwalk hotels. 

We found a few Christmas displays in the Magic Kingdom. 

A tiki Christmas. 

Alli had to have her picture by Hamm dressed in a Santa hat. 

And we loved going on rides that have a holiday theme going on. Like Guardians of the Galaxy with its updated Christmas soundtrack!

The Little Green Men Flying Saucers with their holiday song that plays while we spin. 

And especially The Land ride!

We love all the Christmas lights here!

And all the plants are decorated for the holidays!

We hope you have your own favorite ways to get into the Christmas Spirit!

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  1. How lovely to see all the shining and twinkling Christmas lights at night. Some memorable traditions for the family...Candlelight Processional on different nights to experience different narrators (wonderful way to hear the Christmas story), enjoying the Voices of Liberty sharing their beautiful voices through carols (such talent!), admiring the fantastic gingerbread displays (hope you get to see them all, especially the Grand Floridian one!), indulging in Christmas treats (see Alli carefully picking off Minnie's green bow for a special treat :-) ), and those fun photo-op locations (the Tiki one was a great one of the family). Hey, that was another nice family photo on the Land ride with the entire family coordinating w/ those Disney tops...looked great! EOM