Friday, December 2, 2022

The Flowers Explore - Sand Dune Arch and The Windows - Arches National Park Day 1 Pt 2 - 2022/08/31-09/05

It's been a fun, albeit hot, morning already, checking out the different arches here at Arches National Park. We started at the back of the park, visiting Landscape Arch and Skyline Arch, and we're working our way forward to the front. Next on our list is Sand Dune Arch. It's hidden among the fins in the large rock outcropping here.  

Why is it called Sand Dune? Beats me, but the kids enjoyed crawling in the shady sand on the trail to get there. 

Crawling around in the sand. Yes, it is a good thing we have full hookups on the RV so we can take some long showers when we get home. 

And found a place where two of the large fins came together. 

It was a tight squeeze, but it's exponentially cooler here in the shade between the two fins. 

Just around the corner is Sand Dune Arch. 

It's a lot closer to the ground than anything we've seen so far. We can actually touch it. 

Though after seeing the rocks that have fallen from Landscape and Skyline, it's a little nerve-wracking to walk underneath. That's a lot of weight up there, though the stories we've heard are that it's mostly during the winter when there's water and freezing temperatures that get into the cracks and separate the rocks. 

The kids do enjoy climbing on rocks.

Any size. 

Ian asked to walk up the staircase. 

And then how else to get down. Gotta jump!

That was fun to see. 

Driving back by the Fiery Furnace. 

Next we're hitting a real highlight of the park. The Windows Trail showcases lots of different arches all close together. 

This section of rock highlights the lifecycle of an arch. How it begins. How erosion slowly removes a section underneath until finally an arch is formed. And finally how it collapses. 

Walking up to the North Window. 

It's a lot bigger than it looks from a distance. 

But wow, what a window view to the plains beyond. 

Climbing down through the window, we can see all the rocks that have collapsed here. 

With another great view into the plain. 

The kids really wanted to go rock climbing. This looks like as good a place as any. We set our aim on where they two fins appear to come together. 

Figuring out how to make their way up steep and narrow passages. 

Theresa stayed behind and got a picture of us after we made it to the top. 

A view that looks across both sides. 

You can't continue going though. There's a steep drop down to the ground. 

Quite steep. 

While we were on the far side, Theresa worked her way up the other. 

Love the reflection in the sunglasses. 

Always on the lookout for critters. 

Just around the corner is the South Window. 

It's quite a bit steeper and we didn't want to try to climb it. 

Walking further away we can see both together. 

On our way to Turret Arch. 

It's got a large arch plus a tiny window. 

It's pretty large too. 

Looking back through it to the North and South Windows. 

And there was even a high-up cubby to hike and climb to near that small window. Of course the kids had to try. I made my way up first. 

Then reached down to pull the kids up. Made it! 
It's been a fun day so far! Let's finish it out!

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  1. LOTS and LOTS of rock climbing today...lots of challenges but beautiful views after those climbs. Very red clay-looking rocks at the Sand Dune Arch section; and the photo where the family was just around the corner from that arch is wonderful...liked how the sun was captured and its rays beaming down directly on the entire family. Some beautiful photos of the various arches...neat seeing the lifecycle of an arch's formation side-by-side...liked the Fiery Furnace photo, too. Finding some cool shade among the rocks took some doing but you all managed to "squeeze" out the space! EOM