Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Holiday Taste Test - Eggnog and Cream-Filled donut from Epcot

My sister in law Megan loves loves loves eggnog. I jokingly send her pictures of eggnog creations I find during the year. When I showed her this new seasonal donut creation at Epcot she insisted that I taste it and report back.

I was surprised how large the donut was. And it’s topped with cinnamon icing and gingerbread. Yum!
It smells pretty delicious.

Those are huge chunks of cookie!

Theresa's not the biggest fan of eggnog, but she's going to give it a try. 

The crunchy gingerbread pieces on top in the cinnamon icing were fantastic.

The middle of the donut has a cream filling.

The outside of the donut was delicious. Cinnamon and gingerbread. But where is the eggnog? All inside the cream filling! Not overpowering but a good eggnog flavor.

Some aren’t fans of eggnog and were dreading the taste test. But the outside donut is still very delicious.

Theresa - That was really good. If I had calories to spare I would eat it. 
Megan, sorry you don’t get to taste it, but it was a very good suggestion!

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  1. Looks more like a mini-cake then a donut!...perfect for sharing!! Sounds very festive for the season...gingerbread snap cookies and cinnamon on the outside sound delicious...uncertain of the eggnog creme filling, but would give it the "ole college try"! What a new treat to try at EPCOT. EOM