Monday, December 26, 2022

Merry Christmas from Washington - Happy to All Be Together!

Merry Christmas to us all!  It has been wild getting here, but finally we’re all together to celebrate! 

All of us were flying to Washington via Denver on the 21st. Two families made it, but one had their flight cancelled. The next few days were crazy trying to get everyone together but finally on the 25th they made it! Too bad none of their luggage did. And no sooner did they show up than my brother Jon, the pilot, get an emergency call-in to fly some passengers to Los Angeles. Now on the 26th we are finally together to celebrate! The kids were all so patient waiting until 2pm on the 26th to have Santa come and open presents. 

Made it to Denver! Coming from Florida, there weren't many other people wearing shorts...

It's Gram! Pop Pop is somewhere around here. There's us, Gram and Pop Pop, plus Pat Megan and Avery trying to fly out of Denver tonight, all on different flights. Pat and Megan had a very late flight and couldn't check their bags in before 6:30pm, so they couldn't come join us waiting in the terminal. 

Looking outside, the weather is starting to turn nasty. We pushed back from the gate and waited over an hour to get de-iced. 

We're all headed to Washington to spend Christmas together. It's going to be cold there! 
And that last headline, about flights being cancelled was unfortunately about to be realized for us. While we were waiting to take off, Patrick sent a text letting us know their flight got cancelled. It was heartbreaking. With all the cancellations, the soonest they could get to Washington was 4 days later, on Christmas Day. Their daughter Avery was understandably devastated, driving back to their home in Colorado when she should have been going to Washington with everyone else. Oh, and their luggage that they checked is "in the system" now, so they didn't get to take their Christmas Presents that they packed home with them. 

Well that was a big bummer. We were still super excited to see Uncle Jon at the airport. 

It's cold here! 

Aunt Jess had Grandma's Spiced Tea on the stove waiting for us. 

Ooh, and fresh bread from the oven. Jess you're so good to us. 

That cold front that moved in had freezing rain that stuck to everything and froze into ice. The kids skated across the back deck, pulling huge sheets of ice off everything. 

Everything is frozen! Including the rugs. Hit it with a hammer and it's solid. 
Ian and Alli pulled off sheets of ice and did some karate chops on them. 

The grass was crunchy. 

Each blade has a sheath of ice around it. 

Finally on the 25th the rest of the family arrived! Pat, Megan and Avery are here! 

Super exciting! 

But no sooner did they arrive than my brother Jon, the pilot, had to leave on a short notice flight to take some people down to Los Angeles. He was supposed to be off work! But he gave up time with his family to ferry 180 passengers down to Los Angeles to be with their families. 

Megan and Theresa can enjoy the fire together. We've been lusting after spending time by the fire in the winter ever since we visited here in the summer. 

What is that amazing smell? It's Jess and she's made her amazing Sticky Buns! 


And it's a Christmas Miracle! Theresa found a kitty that she actually likes!

Santa Alli bringing presents to town. 

Good thing I practiced these bacon cinnamon rolls! They were a hit!

Ladle some heavy cream over the rolls before baking. 

Helps them stay nice and gooey. 

After his return flight got messed up, Jon finally arrived home after noon on December 26th! 

Let's celebrate Christmas together!

Good job being patient kids. I know it's not easy to wait for Santa. 

Good job with the stockings Santa. 

So many good toys!

Theresa and I got presents from the kids. Coupons good for lots of massages, house chores, crafts, and more. 

And for the girls, crystal necklaces with crystals that we mined ourselves!

Theresa knows I love Harry and David's Cherries and Blueberries. 

It's a bit of a madhouse but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Love the bustle of Christmas! 

And Jess's parents moved from Napa up to Washington earlier in the year, so we all got to hang out together! 
A delayed but Merry Christmas to us all! 


  1. Quite the experience trying to fly out with the Arctic Blast causing such havoc across much of the US. Very fortunate that Patrick, Megan, & Avery made it on the 25th, while your family just made it under the wire before the cancellations really piled up!...then Jon's unexpected "detour". After much anticipation, you all finally got to be together for the big Christmas matter the calendar day, it was Christmas Day once everyone was there! Such a fun, crazy time opening the gifts and checking the surprises in the stockings. Merry Christmas!! P.S. Looks like Ian is the "karate ice man" champion :-) EOM

  2. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas from Washington! 🎄 So grateful to be together and share the joy of the season. Happy holidays to everyone!