Sunday, December 11, 2022

The Flowers Explore - Arches National Park with Jacob Day 3 Pt 1 - 2022/09/03

Today we're visiting Arches National Park again, but today is special because we're going with a friend! It's Jacob! 

We thought it was cool seeing a Cruise America RV in Yellowstone at Grand Prismatic with a Grand Prismatic wrap. Now we're in Arches and we see another RV with an Arches wrap! 

It's another hot one today. 

We saw these people gathered around a large rock taking a break. Looking up, I think I know where that large rock might have come from, and personally I might have chosen a different spot. 

Made it to Landscape Arch!

And who needs to take a hike over to Double O arch? We can see it from here! 

On the far right side. 

Afterwards, we hopped back into the truck and drove to Skyline Arch. 

Let's do lunch! 

Alli and I showed Jacob our special hiking spot. 

You can see the ledge we follow to get to it. 

And how we wedge ourselves between rocks to get up. 


The kids love coming to Skyline Arch because they get to climb and slide. First Alli. 

Then I make my way up. Alli lays down and stretches to help Ian. 

Made it!

Next we'll head over to Double Arch. 

Group picture. 

The kids are always excited to climb on rocks. It was their favorite part of Joshua Tree National Park. If it weren't so hot here, this park might be their favorite. 

We climbed as high as we could up the back, almost level with the front arch. 

Touching the back wall. 

It's pretty steep. 

Hi Jacob. 

Looking out in the valley. 

Beside Double Arch is a "cave". 

You can get a sense of scale seeing how small we are. 

Working our way to the top. 

A nice view. 

Me and the kids made it! 

Then we walked over to North Window. 

Good picture Jacob. 

There's just lots of great views here. 

On our way out of the park, we made our way to Park Avenue Trail. 

And even got to see Ranger Corbin again! We talked about all the different features of the park and what our favorites are. 

Great picture Jacob! Arches National Park is very picturesque. 

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  1. What a BEAUTIFUL closing photo...captures various rock formations but can only give a small sense of the expansiveness and beauty that awaits in Arches NP!! So many lovely photos capturing views that can only be fully experienced in person. But what can't be captured is the heat!...everyone did so well exploring under that blazing sun. Also got some great group/family photos...Jacob had quite a traveling summer, too. That climb-and-slide rock was a fun challenge for Ali & Ian. The steepness of the climb you and Alli made on that special trail was made more visible with that distant shot...didn't know it was that steep and high up. So much "hot" fun exploring and climbing all those rock formations in Arches National Park. EOM