Thursday, December 8, 2022

Mesa Arch at Canyonlands National Park - 2022/09/02

We spent the morning at Arches National Park, but nearby there's another National Park that we wanted to go see. Canyonlands! 

It's about a 45 minute drive over to Canyonlands. 

After using our pass at the entrance, we headed into the Island in the Sky Visitor Center. 

Here the kids grabbed their Junior Ranger books. 

We went inside to do a few of the activities. 

And in lieu of attending a Ranger Talk we watched the movie about Canyonlands. 

Then hopped in the car. The Visitor Center closes at 5pm and it's already 3:45pm. There's something special we came out to see. 

You see plains and then all of the sudden, a big drop off! That's a canyon! 

But there's one thing we're really here for. Mesa Arch! 

It's an easy half mile walk out to the arch. 

Here it is! Mesa Arch is a mecca for early morning sunrise photographers. I'm not a morning person though, so I'm not hiking out here early. 

T remembers seeing this arch in a book when she was younger, and came to Arches NP to look for it. It wasn't there, but luckily it was just a short distance away! There's no guardrails or anything here. Crawling over to the edge, let's see what's down there. 

Looking down, that's a 1300 foot fall to the canyon floor!

It's bright out. Hard to get pictures with open eyes. 

Just beside the arch is a flat area, looking out over the panoramic view of the canyons. 

Quite the drop! 

Alli asked if she could model for some pictures to send to her cousins. 

Gotta get a few family pictures. 

Love how it frames the canyons beyond. 

I was surprised to see the where the arch attaches to the cliff appears to have a large crack in it. Definitely an easy place for water to enter and freeze into ice. 

Another view of the canyon. 

More modeling. 

We made it back to the Visitor Center with minutes to spare. Just in time to get sworn in as their newest Junior Rangers. 

And the kids even got to help with the folding of the flag. 

The Rangers here have been super nice. 

I'm glad we took the detour to come over here!

Back at OK RV Campground for the night, and appreciating a pretty sunset. 

Forgot to mention, they even have teepees you can rent! Could be fun!

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  1. A tee pee stay would be an interesting change of pace. Several beautiful, panoramic views of and around the Mesa Arch area. What a sweeping view of the canyons through that arch...beautiful. Nice job Alli & Ian on your Canyonlands Jr. Ranger badges! Those rangers really engaged w/ Ian & Alli...long conversation prior to the swearing in and the great opportunity to participate in the folding of the flag (that's an experience right there!). EOM