Wednesday, December 7, 2022

The Flowers Explore - Lunchtime at Skyline Arch - Arches National Park Day 2 Pt 2 - 2022/08/31-09/05

We spent the morning exploring Double Arch here at Arches National Park and now it's time to eat lunch! Earlier in the day Theresa and I got everything packed up so that we could have lunch in the park! Yesterday we visited Skyline Arch and found the perfect ledge to eat lunch on. Only thing was, we needed to wait until a little past noon so the sun would create some shade for us!

And it's not just lunch! Theresa is bringing her guitar to serenade us!

Leaving Double Arch, we passed by ground that was covered in multi-colored dirt. Weird! 

Made it to Skyline Arch. During our time here, it wasn't all that busy here, but we always enjoyed stopping. Theresa's got her guitar. 

And I'm following up with all the food and water. 

Today's lunch consists of lunchmeat and cheese, so sandwiches, but we're out of bread, so these pitas will have to do. They work great! 

Just sitting, snacking, and singing together. Could there be a better afternoon? 

Yesterday when we were here, Alli and I climbed up the fin a little bit to do some exploring at higher elevations. 

There's a narrow channel that leads to the end of the fin. 

Which terminates where these two ledges go together. I shimmied my way up, then helped Alli get herself up. 

Made it!

We can see Skyline Arch from a more straight-on view. 

Peeking around the corner. 

Alli - I can see behind it!

Yes! I do see the ridges behind it Alli! 

Looking the other direction, away from the arch. 

You're pretty high up Alli! We'll have to see if we can get to this area from below!

And so that's just what we did! We grabbed Ian on the way down and walked to the end of the fin. 

And the kids worked their way as high as they could from the valley floor. Way up there at the V is where Alli and I made it. 

Along the way, the kids noticed this section of rock might be able to work as a slide. They helped each other climb up. 

It was a fun stop for lunch! Next though we're going to get into the truck back into that sweet sweet AC and drive to another nearby National Park. Canyonland! 

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  1. What a rock slide activity as a team...lots of perseverance from Alli & Ian until they conquered the slide! Whoa...some steep rock climbing by the kids after lunch. So appropriate to enjoy lunch on a rock ledge of Skyline Arch...couldn't have found a better spot with the perfect timing. Wow...Theresa must have really wanted to serenade with the guitar to hike up with it; but it did add a special touch during mealtime!...wonder how the guitar sounds carried in that area. Btw, that mealtime video couldn't be viewed because it said it was private. EOM