Monday, December 19, 2022

Getting into the Christmas Spirit - At Home

Merry Christmas! It's the holidays and we're getting into the Christmas Spirit in all sorts of ways! 
Even though we're in the RV we've still got a little bit of room for a tree. We found this one at the Dollar Store and it's worked out perfect for us. We made sure to hang our stocking above the electric fireplace. 

Kids, we need ornaments. Think you can make them for us this year? 
They were on top of it! 

And other creative figures with pipe cleaners. This is a snowman. 

We normally do an advent calendar with little doors and treats inside, but Theresa had different ideas this year. Each day there is a small package in front of the fireplace waiting for the kids when they wake up. 

The first day they got Coal! Actually it was Sour Patch Kids Black Raspberry Coal, but still coal. 

And it's usually something that they can enjoy that day. Like if we're going on a bike ride, it's gummy snacks for them to enjoy. Or if we're headed to Disney World, it's a bag of crackers, or maybe money to spend on a treat. Along with the treat, she also found a stack of "lunchbox jokes". It's become a highlight of the calendar. 

I'll keep a few singles in my wallet, just in case we see any bell ringers while we're out. They got to ring the bell and help out. 

Whenever they thought about it, they'd make new creations for the tree and around the RV. 

We liked how the local businesses decorated for the holidays. Robin Hood looks like he's about to spear Friar Tuck with a candy cane! 

Our local library has activities! 

They've cut out shapes from last year's Christmas cards and make it into a craft! Grab 4 of them, fold them in half, then glue them together. You've made an ornament! 

And the kids can write letters to Santa! 

Decorating the envelopes. 

Alli wants Sour Patch Kids gum and Dum Dum suckers. 

While Ian asked for candy, everyone to be happy, and money. 

We've got to make some Christmas treats! Like Gingerbread. 

The kids are always good about helping me out in the kitchen. 


We decorated some with colored sugar. 

I like the outline this one left on the parchment. 

And some of these we like to decorate with icing. 

Ian - I know how we can decorate if we didn't have icing. 


We always like watching Christmas movies. Home Alone and Home Alone 2 are their favorites.  

And popcorn and peppermint hot chocolate are delicious treats. 

The kids liked getting the advent calendar treats, but they wanted to give Theresa and I something each day too! They would disappear into their room and come out with something creative. Knowing I like hats, they've made me a collection. 

And mommy got a stocking with a real working pocket and fluff. 

My Christmas Tree hat. 

And a snowman hat. 

I'm getting quite the collection!

They sent Theresa and I on a scavenger hunt around the RV looking for hearts with letters on them. We can rearrange the letters for our prize. I wasn't sure what a SHUG is, but I want one. 
Ooooh. HUGS. Yes, those are good too. 

Alli made Theresa bracelets for every holiday during the year. Easter, St Patricks Day, Valentines, and more. 

Our tree is becoming wonderfully full. I love it. 

The homemade decorations have taken over!

I love the little penguin Alli made. 

More trees and a cake. 

And even a present on the door to her room. 

Alli - I wanted to make a Christmas chair, but it looks like a Mexico chair. We like Mexico, right? 
Yes Alli, it looks great! I like your creativity. 

Breakfast with homemade pancakes and waffles. Always better with a little chocolate, and on this occasion, with red and green M&Ms. 

The kids like making presents for others too. Like our friend Henry on the bike trail. We've brought him some of the cookies we've baked since he loves gingerbread. The kids drew pictures of Henry and his goats. In one case the goat is eating a candy cane off the tree and in another eating a cookie out of Henry's hand. Those goats will eat pretty much anything!

And on our bike trail someone has decorated one of the trees with Christmas ornaments! It's been a great holiday season! Bring on Christmas!

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  1. Love the bright, yellow star atop the Christmas appropriate and perfect for the Christmas many colorful and decorative ideas filling up the tree and throughout the RV...Ian & Alli are getting a wonderful chance to put their creative juices into action for the holidays. The daily Advent treats in front of the fireplace was a great idea...being able to use each daily treat for that day was a double-bonus...triple bonus is when Ian & Alli created their own daily gifts (that snowman hat has to be my favorite!). Lots of fun activities at the local library...really liked that "4-card ornament" idea...Ian's "kind of nice" response on Santa's letter brought a smile to my face :-)...Alli's "hug for Rudolph" was so cute. How fun to make homemade gingerbread cookies and then decorate them w/ icing and/or colored sugar; or using Ian's fine idea of decorating w/o any icing or sugar (that was a smart idea, Ian!)...then sharing some w/ Henry (so glad you were all able to see him again; was wondering how he weathered hurricane Ian). Looks like Uncle Don stopped by for a brief visit...brought out lots of hugs and smiles from everyone to see him. EOM