Thursday, December 29, 2022

Letters to and from Santa! Thank you Cagan Crossings Community Library!

Update from an earlier post. Earlier this year, before Christmas, we visited the library and the kids wrote letters to Santa!

A librarian gave them envelopes and paper.

They wrote a little about themselves.

Some very nice decorations on the envelopes

Decorated and addressed an envelope. We knew we’d be in Washington for Christmas and put Uncle Jon and Aunt Jess’s address.

Then we left the letters with the library and headed on vacation.

And sure enough, just after Christmas, we got a very special letter. It’s from the North Pole!

And has a Santa sticker on the back. Who could it be from?

They were so excited!

Personalized letters from Santa to each of them! How fun! 
Thank you friends of the Cagan Crossings Community Library for adding some Christmas Spirit to our holiday!

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  1. How neat!!! Letters straight from the North Pole and sealed with cute Santa stickers (that winking one was extra special!) An extra helping hand from Santa's helpers to make sure Ian & Alli got personalized Christmas greetings from wonderful! EOM