Thursday, November 7, 2019

Fun times with family in Michigan 2019/11/03

It's been a fun weekend hanging out with the family in Michigan. Besides Halloween and birthdays, there's just random goings on that happen that are fun that don't fit in with anything else.

The kids have so much fun with their older cousins. They planned out their house-wide Nerf gun fight.

It's boys versus girls.

And the girls are ready.

Bring it on!

The battle was fun for everyone.

Aunt Amy does Color Street nails and wanted to give Alli a Halloween manicure and pedicure.

Alli loves them. They have ghosts and they glow in the dark!


This Mario RC kart was a great gift. He's already gone through 2 sets of batteries.
Right now he's turned Mario into a candy delivery service. He has taped candy all over Mario and brings it over to people, telling them to pick their favorite.

Just like I took Abby's Senior Photos, while I was there, we took the opportunity to get Ethan's senior photos too.

A few normal ones.

And then a fun one or two.

Time to assemble another birthday gift. It's a Lego car!

Ian put it together all by himself, except where he let his sister come over to help. He did a good job following along with the instructions, separating the pieces needed for that step, and putting them where they belong. Alli is sporting her birthday gift. In her hair are scrunchies from Tori's Scrunchies.

RC comes with a few traffic cones and some blocks to crash into.

"We need to color!" declared Aubrey. After searching the house, they couldn't find any crayons. I guess after not having little ones for so long, all the crayons disappear. They all went to the local store to buy crayons and coloring pages.

Looking great! Whose is best? They all look good.

And they didn't stop there. I asked Rita when was the last time they had an art gallery in their house was.

And they were coloring all the way up until it was time to leave for the airport.

It's been a fun visit but it's time to head home.

The kids love security since it's a haven for coins.

And we love visiting with the pilots. They're great with kids.

Ian got to sit in the co-pilot's seat. He asked intelligent questions about the how to steer the plane, go up and down, how they see through the clouds, and more.

It was an uneventful trip home, but it's good to be home.


  1. Laid-back weekend without specific times to be somewhere (except to the airport)...nice way to relax. Some nice senior photos for favorite was that "casual stroll along the wooden bridge, surrounded by the autumn leaves and color"...appeared to capture a moment in time in a young man's life where he'll soon be crossing a bridge to new adventures. Instead of an ice cream truck, Ian created a candy truck...clever way to deliver everyone's favorite candy sweet. Alli definitely had her "Nerf gun" expression and intensity face on :-) Think that's the 1st time I remember seeing Alli in pigtails (reminded me of "Buffy" from Family Affair, the 60's version w/ Brian Keith)'s a cute it! Ian did a great job assembling his Lego car...good ability to understand & follow written/picture directions (pictures are worth a 1000 words). Speaking of pictures, that was a lot of coloring...definitely able to create their own art gallery!! EOM

    1. I thought the candy truck was clever too. Now to buy Rita some more tape...
      When Alli's cousins get a hold of her, she gets all sorts of hair styles. I like it too.