Friday, November 29, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving (celebrated on Friday)!

Happy Thanksgiving!
We were very fortunate to have my entire side of the family visiting. But in order to work it out with everyone's travel schedules, Thanksgiving for us needed to be on Friday instead of Thursday. No problem!

Instead of the traditional turkey, since Theresa and I are hosting this year, we opted for steak instead. Mmm. Look at those tightly marbled Prime filet mignons.

Some opted for filet mignon and others chose ribeyes. Steaks for 17 people on the grill. Thankfully everyone opted for either rare and medium rare, but with different hot spots all over the grill it was still a challenge getting everyone's cooked just right.

I know some people spend all day or even days getting ready for Thanksgiving. Cooking food for hours. That's not Theresa's and my style. We were able to get everything prepped and cooked in the hour before we ate.
Steaks, corn, stuffing, Costco mashed potatoes and gravy, hawaiian rolls, olives, pickles, cranberry sauce, and sparkling cider.

One more look at those delicious steaks.

Let's eat!

There's so many that we've got three tables going.

The kids table.

That's a delicious plate. Many opted to top their steaks with truffle butter. Yummy.

We've got a lot to be thankful for this year. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!


  1. WOW, to prep and cook a Thanksgiving feast for 17 people in just an hour before eating is quite an accomplishment...chef hats off to Theresa & Joe!! Happy Mom, siblings, and myself are also thankful for God's many blessings throughout the year (and previous years)! EOM