Tuesday, November 12, 2019

National Pizza with the Works except Anchovies Day - November 12th

Another day to celebrate pizza? Perfect! I'm interpreting Pizza with the Works to mean any toppings you could possibly want on it. Not necessarily the standard green peppers, onions, olives, and sausage. Anything is fair game. Anything except Anchovies! Those are forbidden today.

Now ordering pizza is easy, but let's make this a family thing. Homemade pizza it is! We need to shop for ingredients. Pepperonis are a must.

What about anchovies? Shall we get them?
The first question was "what are anchovies?" After learning they were fish, the answer was a resounding "NO!"

Now that we're home it's time to do some cooking! With a bit of supervision, Ian is cooking up some fresh sausage for us. And he's full of questions these days.
Ian - How does the stove work?
I took apart the pieces of the burner to show him the electric spark, the pipe the gas comes from, the cap that focuses the flames into the ring, and the front valve that controls it all.
Ian - Where does the gas come from?
The utility company has pipes buried under the ground and they fill it with gas. We can use it whenever we want. Just turn the valve and it comes out.
Ian - Where do they get the gas to put in the pipes?
He's so full of questions. It's going to be fun teaching him how everything works.

With a little bit more supervision, Alli is taking a turn to cook us up some bacon.

Now that is quite the spread of toppings. Mushrooms, black olives, canadian bacon, bacon, sausage, pepperoni, pineapple, two kinds of cheese and two kinds of sauce.
Whoa whoa whoa. What are those in the bottom right corner?

Get those anchovies out of here. Theresa is a fan, but I don't think the kids will be eating any.

Each of the kids got to make their own pizza however they wanted.

Alli put an entire layer of pepperonis on her pizza.

Are you forgetting something? Anchovies perhaps?
Alli made a smiley face out of her black olives.

Ian's turn.

He also put down a large layer of pepperoni. He made an "I" out of pineapples. No anchovies please.

Here's one thing you can't do with takeout pizza.

Homemade pizza is tasty. I get to use as many toppings as I want. I use all the meats!

Everyone was happy with how their pizzas turned out. Exactly the toppings they wanted and made fresh at home.

Ian, what's your favorite pizza?
Ian - Blaze Pizza.
Okay, that's understandable. What's your second?
Ian - The pizza that I made.

Alli, how are you liking yours?

Theresa likes her crust thin. Her toppings are 90% of her pizza and the crust is there just to hold them. Her favorite pizza is Little Caesars breadsticks which aren't pizza at all. She'd rather eat the fresh hot bread by itself and eat the toppings separately.

Pizza day was a success! And keep those anchovies out of here!


  1. to paraphrase Inside Out - "Congratulations, Theresa - you've ruined pizza!" We unexpectedly celebrated with you! The new thin crust from Little Caesars is pretty decent :)

    1. Ha.
      If I can convince Theresa to eat anything besides breadsticks, we might try the thin crust from there.

  2. That's the perfect way to get your favorite pizza with everything you like (and leaving out anything you dislike!!) What a fun way for everyone to celebrate the "Pizza w/ the Works National Day". Thumbs down for anchovies, too :-) But I'm with T regarding how eating the "bread" separate from toppings can be a yummier experience (sometimes) since one can savor individual flavors if that's the mood one is in. Hey, nice "pizza in the air" toss...looks like something you've done countless times before and had lots of fun doing it, too! Inquisitive Ian is learning a lot by just asking questions of things that intrigue or puzzle him...but you certainly went the extra mile by taking apart the burner to individually point out the parts (this show-and-tell will definitely cement it better in Ian's mind). EOM

    1. I've tossed a few handmade pizzas, though not so much anymore. Back in college I made quite a instead of ordering pizza because I could add so many toppings of exactly what I wanted.
      We do love our pizza.