Friday, November 1, 2019

Michigan Birthday Celebrations

Since we're in Michigan, and since it's right in between the two kids' birthdays, we're going to celebrate them.

A couple weeks ahead of time, knowing we were coming, Aubrey called the kids to find out what kind of cake each of the kids wanted. The requests were a little surprising. But given enough time, Aubrey was able to plan for them. Of course Alli wanted to help out making everything. First are the cupcakes.

Making sure they cook right.

And now it's time to frost them.

Alli's request was a doggy cake. I asked if I could eat the bow. Daddy, it's made of cardboard!

And the two kids wanted different cakes of course. But Aubrey was willing to accommodate them both.

Alli, do you want to taste a star?
Alli - Eat the plastic?

Alli - Oh! It's sugar!

Ian loves Super Mario right now, both the Super Mario Run and Super Mario Kart on his iPad. His request was a Super Mario cake.

Lighting the candles we were looking for matches. Ty grabbed his blowtorch and gave that a shot. Ian was not a fan.
Ian - I don't want to get fire on me.

Time to sing!

How's the cake Alli?

Ian specifically wanted to eat Mario. Great job with the cakes Aubrey.

Present time! Money is always appreciated.

Now that's a well themed birthday present. An RC race car that looks like a Mario Kart.

Just as excited for one of Alli's presents. A Hatchimal.

And I'm sure this will be seen in the future. A pin unicorn shirt and pants, in a matching unicorn bag.

Cool! A magnetic dart board! Upon seeing the bubble wrap Ian said "Let's save this for Uncle Ruston!" Uncle Ruston likes to use the bubble wrap to rub the chalk into the pavement when we're doing our chalk drawings for the Pasadena Chalk festival.

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  1. What a fun birthday celebration...great cakes by Aubrey to create what Ian & Alli wanted! Really captured an expressive, excited Ian this celebration...wide open "wow" at the money gift and "oh boy" with upraised arms at Alli's gift :-) The different Disney wrapping papers are so colorful and cute...too pretty to discard after one use! There should be a lot of fun times with that magnetic dart board! EOM