Monday, November 18, 2019

Happy Birthday Minnie and Mickey Mouse! - November 18th

November 18th is recognized as the birthday of both Minnie and Mickey Mouse! Today they're 91 years old! The kids were excited when I told them so they've been doing all sorts of things to celebrate today.

When I got home from work, Alli greeted me at the door in this outfit that she picked out herself. That's very well coordinated Alli. A beautiful pink Minnie dress, pink Minnie shoes, and Minnie ears on top. She showed me that underneath her dress she was wearing Minnie shorts too.
I told her I wanted to get a picture of her and she said "Minnie Pose!" and moved into this position.

For dinner we're making hamburgers. The kids always get to help out. They're getting good at cracking eggs and not getting any shell in it. They split the duty, one doing wet ingredients, the other doing dry ingredients. And they both get their hand messy mixing up the meat.

Everything is Mickey shaped on our plates tonight. From the grapes, tomatoes, and strawberries, to the macaroni and cheese. And finally our hamburgers happened to be Mickey shaped too, along with the bread and cheese too.

Oh you want Minnie Mouse? No problem at all. Just add a little ketchup and now we have a Minnie bow.

As I said before, the kids have been busy. In their Maker Space they have made everyone their own initials for where we sit. Then below it they drew placemats. Mickey for the boys and Minnie for the girls.

For us to sit on, they drew, I don't know, cushions maybe? Here's Alli's version of Mickey Mouse.

And a combination piece by Ian and Alli of Mickey Mouse. I like the frame they made from their Christmas tape.

They were going to use their Minnie and Mickey plates that they got from France, but it was a little too much food. They used them for lunch though.
Minnie and Mickey utensils and cups were used too.

Everything tastes better when it's Mickey shaped.

During dinner I told the kids we'd watch some Mickey and Minnie cartoons, including their very first appearances. Unprompted they went to their rooms and pulled out their blankets and quilts.

Then found a few of their Mickey plushes.

And Minnie.

And brought them all out to watch cartoons too.

Steamboat Willie is recognized as the first Mickey cartoon, and the date it premiered in New York, November 18th 1928, is considered the birthday of both Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse.
And even though that's the first official cartoon, Mickey and Minnie made their debut in front of test audiences on May 15th 1928 in the short Plane Crazy. It didn't do so well and was not released to wider distribution until March 17th 1929.
Either way, we're starting with his first appearance. The kids are at the perfect age for all the slapstick humor.

And Steamboat Willie was right after that. My little whistler Ian was whistling right along with Mickey while he was driving that steamboat.
Ian - What's Pete chewing on? (it was chewing tobacco)
Me - Um, it's gum and he's spitting out the gum juice.

After bath time and songs (different versions of Happy Birthday including the Disney Happy Birthday version from the 1983 Splashdance album).
They each wanted pictures of themselves in bed with their quilts from Gram. Mickey for Ian.

And Minnie for Alli.

Happy Birthday Minnie and Mickey!


  1. BEAUTIFUL Minnie quilt (extra colorful w/ so many different pinks and Minnie's)...also LOVE those classic Mickey's print (and in various poses) on Ian's quilt...didn't know they had more than one quilt each from Gram (I thought their 2018 Christmas quilts were there first ones!)...what homemade treasures of love and creativity! Celebrating Minnie's & Mickey's birthday with just the right outfits and shaped foods (along w/ the matching utensils)!! Alli was definitely all "Minnie" :-) Have never noticed that "Mickey 28" t-shirt on Ian...perfect for the day! Like the color and design of the "Christmas tape" frame :-) Cute to see all the plushes "tucked in and snuggled down" for an evening of movies (btw, that 1983 HB song from the Splashdance album is quite 1st time hearing it). Side note: A Minnie bib apron for Alli and a Mickey bib apron for Ian would be so perfect (and fun) to wear each time they help in the kitchen. Or, go simple on the aprons...could be solid color ones and then some artistic "paint drawing" put on them to personalize them (e.g., my sister happened upon a craft fair many years ago and bought me a simple bib apron where the artisan painted my name on the bib part, in the same color palette and style as the decorations that were already painted onto the apron) Any ways, Happy Birthday Minnie & Mickey!!! EOM

    1. They are helping me out in the kitchen a lot, so aprons would probably be appropriate.
      I had that Happy Birthday song on cassette and I listened to it so many times.
      Gram keeps us warm with all these blankets and quilts. Just wait until you see what she did for Christmas presents!