Sunday, November 10, 2019

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup Lay's Chips

Lay's has a new chip for us to try. This time it's a Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup flavored chip. I remember many tasty lunches as I was growing up of grilled cheese and tomato soup.

And like so many of these taste tests, I like to taste the real thing along with what we're sampling.

The chips themselves are just what I'd expect.

A little red for the tomato and a little orange for the grilled cheese.

Both flavors in the chip are pretty mild. I wouldn't be able to guess what flavor the chip is without help from the bag.

There you go Alli. Dipping your grilled cheese sandwich into your tomato soup.


What a tasty lunch! And it brings back good memories.


  1. Growing up, a grilled cheese sandwich didn't exist in our household vocabulary (lol) In fact, cheese was a very foreign food, to say the least! Maybe that's why I'm not much of a cheese eater today (still haven't eaten a grilled cheese sandwich to this day, either :-) ). But I do remember having Campbell's tomato soup as part of a meal. EOM

    1. Never had a grilled cheese? It's buttery, crunchy, and cheesy. All tasty things and worth trying.
      I didn't like tomatoes growing up, but tomato soup didn't count. I loved tomato soup.