Tuesday, November 26, 2019

National Cake Day - November 26th

Today is National Cake Day! We love cake! The kids especially love it, and when they heard today was Cake Day they were excited.

Anything new that's Oreos that I find, I figure we should try it. I found these individual Oreo Cake mixes from Duncan Hines, and then a short time later found this s'mores version as well. Might as well turn this into a cake sampling.

Each of them comes with a topping you can sprinkle on top.

Who wants to help me in the kitchen?
Alli - I will!
Thanks Alli. Nice shirt choice today. Very appropriate. First the foil layer comes off.

Then she slowly pours in water up to the fill line.

Afterwards you mix it well and microwave it for 1 minute.

After that minute, this is what comes out.

Top it off with Oreo and do you know what it's time for?

Now it's time for cake!

Everyone dig in!

The cake itself... tasted like it had been cooked in the microwave for 60 seconds. It's not the best cake. Somehow, even though it was "fresh" the s'mores cake was very dry.
The best part of the Oreo cake was the topping. Well that's why we try things. Who knows. It could have been delicious.

Kids, what do you think?
Well the first ingredient was sugar, so they gave it a thumbs up.


  1. For some reason I was expecting a frosting layer and then the topping on top of that (lol)...guess when it said "topping", it didn't mean "frosting & topping"! Alli is getting quite coordinated pouring those liquids :-) First time I ever read about an "individual" cake-in-a-cup...looks like some more tinkering on the recipe is needed :-) EOM

    1. It was worth trying once. In the future, I think I'll stick with cupcakes that go into the oven.