Monday, November 11, 2019

Happy 6th Birthday Ian!

Happy Birthday Ian! What an adventure these last 6 years have been! I'm so proud of the smart, bold, and kind little boy you've become. When Theresa and I brought you home 6 years ago I couldn't have dreamed all the joy you would bring us.

At breakfast, Grammy made Ian and Alli special pancakes. Grammy made them Mickey shaped. Ian added the strawberry birthday party hats.

For his birthday, just like Alli, he got to pick where to eat dinner. And also like Alli, he picked the Olive Garden.

Ian wanted to go there for the white pasta. Alli wanted the soup. Together they were both very happy for his pick. Ian ate all his and then had more of mine!

Alli ate 2 bowls of soup and then started on the broccoli. She loves her vegetables.

The kids must have made a good impression on our server because she gave us the biggest handful of andes mints I have ever received. That's a lot of chocolate!

For his birthday cake, Ian was very happy to have his own taste test with Nothing Bundt Cakes.
Hey Ian, if we have 3 cakes and 6 candles, how many candles go on each cake?
Ian - 2 candles
You're right. Take a deep breath and blow out those candles.

Wait for it...

And blow!
Ian - Alli, it's fine you helped me blow out my candles.

Every opportunity to do practical math is a good one. Hey Ian, how many slices should we cut each cake into?
Ian - There's 6 of us, so 6 pieces.
If there's 3 cakes, how many pieces will there be total?
Ian - Um, 12. No, 18! 18 pieces total.
How much cake will everyone get?
Ian - Everybody can eat half a cake.
I like how your mind works buddy.

Of the three he picked, Red Velvet was his favorite, followed by confetti cake, and then lemon.

Being Veterans Day, Ian has been out of school and Alli has been working hard all day to make it special for him.
I heard "Ian, you're the boss." multiple times from her today.
On top of that, she's been making him all sorts of presents. First is the present that she taped up and decorated herself. No surprise that we go through tape very quickly.

She was very excited for him to open it.

Inside are things she knows he'll like. Box tops! He can give these to school so they'll get money!

And a Duffy bear and Alli's stuffed pink horse.

Along with the presents, she must have made him 8 homemade cards.

Plus one she kept from her birthday and re-gave to him.

T got quite a kick out of him reading "Hello Birthday Girl" and "You're Four Years Old".

Reading the card from Grammy and Grandpa.

His favorite color is gold! This bag is very gold and so shiny it's almost a mirror!

Ooh. Lego and Space. I think almost all his presents were STEM and STEAM related.

Coloring pages, stickers, and something new. Tracing Paper! I know we'll have fun with that.

Here's a not so short video clip of him opening presents.

Ian was also chosen this week at school as the Star Student. He gets to make a big poster about himself and share it with the class.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY,'ve grown into a fine 6 yr boy, bringing lots of love and joy to your family!!! Congrats, too, on being the week's Star'll definitely travel a lot if you're an astronaut! Great family birthday celebration! Ian knows how to take one deep breath to blow out candles :-)...enjoyed watching the interaction between Ian and Alli...beautiful cards & gifts from Alli's heart to Ian (and allowing Ian to be "boss for the day"...she really has to love him to say that!) The shiny gold bag was a gift, in itself...he had such fun seeing how shiny and reflective it was. Lots of exciting new things to build...lots of discovery awaits with the "magic" of tracing paper to draw some really neat things. That was a great "hidden" math exercise involving cake slices...such a fun, easy way to show how math is used all around us, even on birthday cakes (kudos to Ian for grasping those concepts very well, too!) Another special family time together (and some wise, encouraging words of "that's ok...we always help each other all the time...that's what family is about" after Alli unexpectedly helped blow out Ian's birthday candles.) EOM

    1. It was so much fun seeing Alli get all excited for Ian's birthday.
      Being engineers, we try to sneak learning into everything we can. We'll get them grasping concepts before they have to learn it out of a book.
      Ian had a lot of fun on his birthday.