Thursday, November 14, 2019

National Pickle Day - November 14th

Today is National Pickle Day! And who doesn't like pickles?

Well, me. I don't care for pickles. It's not so much the flavor, but the texture. Pickle juice is just fine, but I don't care for that crunch.
But the rest of the family loves pickles. Alli and Ian had them with lunch.
And then for dinner we went to a place where their signature sandwich just wouldn't taste the same without those pickles (I pick them off but like the flavor of the juice).

And at Chickfila, you can get extra pickles on your sandwich.

Happy Pickle Day!


  1. Happy Pickle Day! Oh my, big sandwich for Alli...she has to open really wide for a bite :-) The sandwiches look good, minus the pickles :-) I prefer to eat the fresh, unadulterated cucumber...pickles never really appealed to me (growing up, I'd pick them out of my hamburger and give them to a sibling whenever we went out for a burger!) EOM

    1. They'll eat cucumbers by the bag full too. They love vegetables, which is great!