Saturday, November 23, 2019

National Cashew Day - November 23rd

Today is the day we celebrate that tasty nut called the Cashew. It's National Cashew Day!

And technically cashews aren't nuts. They're seeds. They grow on trees and the fruit above it is even something known as a cashew apple. The seed grows from the bottom of the cashew apple. We had the opportunity to see and taste one on a Hawaiian Plantation Tour. That cashew apple is not good. I'm happy we only eat the seed.


  1. Amazing how that strange-looking seed hanging from such a colorful fruit contains a delicious cashew! Btw, interesting Hawaiian Plantation post where you got to taste the fruit's "interesting flavor" :-) EOM

    1. And it's no wonder they're so expensive! It's not like peanuts or walnuts where they're tons in a small area.