Friday, January 29, 2021

Bob Ross Flavor Palette Paintbrush Dipping Candy

While wandering the candy aisle, I found something that seemed a bit out of place. Bob Ross? On the candy aisle? Don't get me wrong, I think Bob Ross is great, but seeing him on the candy aisle was odd. 

But apparently, there exists Bob Ross Flavor Palette Paintbrush Dipping Candy. Looking at the packaging, it's very similar to the tasty candy Lik-m-aid Fun Dip. We'll be tasting Fun Dip along with the Bob Ross candy today. 
When I was growing up, I remember Fun Dip coming in a package like this. Lime, Cherry, and Grape. My favorite of the three was Grape. 

These days, they come in different flavors. 
For the Bob Ross candy, it comes in Green Apple, Blue Raspberry, and Strawberry. I was thinking they'd go for another flavor with a Color in the name to go with the whole Color Palette theme. 
In the standard Fun Dip package, there is now RazzApple Magic Dip, Cherry Yum Diddly Dip, and Grape Yumptious Dip. From the flavor names, can you tell that they were a Wonka brand? 
And because I saw it there, we're going to be tasting this along with Fun Dip Sour with 3 Sourlicious Flavors. Tartastic Mystery Dip, Watermelon Whammo Dip, and Strawberry Smackeroo Dip. 

One other interesting thing to note is that the Bob Ross candy costs $2.75 for 0.85 oz, while the Fun Dip is $0.75 for 1.4 oz. 

While the Lik-m-aid has the regular Lik-A-Stix, the Bob Ross candy has instead Paint Brush dipper. I love the details they were able to get onto the brush. You can see the bristles, rivets, and even some wood grain on the handle. 

We've got an entire family of Fun Dip lovers, so we're all excited to participate in this one. I trimmed the tops off of all the packages and we tried all 9 flavors, one by one. Some were hits, others were misses, but let's see what we like. 

Starting with the original Fun Dip, Theresa and I loved the Grape. Alli loved the Cherry. The Apple-Razz was just okay and is my least favorite of the three originals. Ian thinks they taste like medicine. 
For the Sours, Theresa did not like any of them. They do have a citric acid sourness to them, but the flavor isn't as good as the original. That mystery flavor is a Fruit Punch. 
On to the Bob Ross candy. Each of the flavors tastes a little different than your typical candy flavor. Blue Raspberry and Green Apple candies from everyone else all taste similar. This one was different somehow. Interesting. 
When it was time to vote, Theresa and I chose the original Grape, Alli chose original Cherry, and Ian chose the Mystery Sour Fruit Punch. 

The Paint Brush dipping stick was quite a bit thicker than the Lik-m-aid Lik-A-Stix. 

It was suggested on the back of the packaging to Mix Colors for a Flavor Masterpiece. 

The colors didn't particularly mix well, or blend together, but it's flavored sugar, which is tasty no matter what. 

As for the whole taste test, we give it ten thumbs up!  

As we were enjoying our candy, seeing Bob Ross reminded me of the Bob Ross Remix that PBS did a while back. 

And after seeing that, I had to watch the Mister Rogers Neighborhood Remix. 
"Did you ever grow anything, in the garden of your mind? You can grow ideas, in the garden of your mind. It's good to be curious, about many things. You can think about things and make believe, all you have to do is think, and they'll grow." 

Oh, such good memories both of those bring back. I remember growing up with Mister Rogers, Sesame Street, and Reading Rainbow. Years ago when I was doing Disney artwork, doing Disney paintings of my favorite characters, I had to make an exception to my Disney only rule and make one of Mister Rogers. 


  1. Never heard of the Fun Dip candies...guess my candy world is a bit limited :-) The regular flavors sound the best to me...sour flavors usually don't sit too well with my taste buds. Did you do that Mister Rogers artwork shown above?, VERY impressive...time to show off the other hidden artwork! EOM

    1. Never heard of Fun Dip? It's pretty much flavored sugar, like Pixie Stix, with a compressed sugar stick to dip it in. They're fantastic!
      I did indeed make that Mister Rogers artwork. We did get into a big painting phase for a while. We painted enough to cover the kids' rooms and more! If you search "Painting Day" you'll find some of them. There are a few that never did make an appearance here. I'll have to figure out a way to write something up in the future.

  2. Do you like the Julia Child remix? Or Reading Rainbow remix with Lavar Burton?

    1. I've seen both of them. I like the Reading Rainbow one, just because I watched a lot of Reading Rainbow. I didn't watch Julia Child.